Samsung close to breaking profit record

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According to industry analysts, a number of lucky circumstances could enable Samsung Electronics to break the record in operating profits of the last quarter. The company could then reach the 12.7 billion dollars, that is 68% more than what he earned in the same period in 2020. And if so, he would even be able to exceed the record set in 2017.

Samsung Electronics: Ready to Break Record Profits in the Last Quarter

The figures speak for themselves: Samsung Electronics has earned well 12% more in the last two months, which could be related to the higher price of memory chips. According to KB Securities experts, in fact, the growth in demand for semiconductors will be evident not only in the memory segment. Indeed, Samsung’s contract division has reportedly received orders until the end of 2023. This type of business has recently improved its profitability indicators, bringing the rate of return above 10%. An increase due both to the increase in production volumes and to the increase in prices themselves.

Not surprisingly, Samsung Electronics’ profit from semiconductor sales in the fourth quarter is expected to double to $ 8 billion, experts say. And that’s not all. According to reports, the company’s mobile device business will show a 24% growth in operating profit on an annual basis, thus reaching 2.5 billion dollars. On the other hand, not even the blockade of Xi’an (where the company is located) should have a negative impact on the shipment of Samsung’s chips. After all, the company’s goals for 2022 are more than ambitious: become the number one company across all product categories, increase market share in the premium device segment and increase user migration to Galaxy smartphones.