Samsung is experimenting with a mobile camera system for smartphones

Samsung: un nuovo design per le fotocamere dei suoi smartphone thumbnail

According to numerous rumors, Samsung would have patented an innovative system consisting of three mobile cameras with adaptive aperture. A revolution for smartphones, even if it is not known when and if the project will be used on devices in the near future.

Samsung is experimenting with a mobile camera system for smartphones

According to a leaked patent from LetsGoDigital, Samsung is said to be working on a new design for the cameras of its smartphones. This, in addition to providing for the mobility of the three planned chambers, would allow for a variable opening.

Smartphone designs typically feature an array positioned horizontally on the back of the devices. The new project, however, provides that the cameras are arranged in a triangle, with the central one that can move to the sides and those at the sides that can be centralized.

The pros and cons of this new structure

By equipping mobility cameras, they can open the doors to new horizons for smartphone photography. Larger apertures (represented by smaller f numbers) allow more light to enter the camera. This should be enough to greatly improve photo quality in low light conditions.

However, the disadvantages are not lacking and many on the net have expressed perplexity about this new conformation. In fact, introducing moving parts means increasing the possibility of failure points linked to very delicate components. Then there is to consider that the hardware needed to activate the camera system would probably also make the device heavier.

According to rumors Samsung would have filed the patent as early as October 2020. However, it is not clear whether the brand will decide to introduce this system in smartphone prosisms. It is not the first time that the company has experimented with variable aperture devices (it had already happened for the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 Plus). Furthermore, the brand is not even foreign to the concept of cameras in motion. The Galaxy A80in fact, it contained an elegant flippy camera system.

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