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Samsung Jet Bot Ai +: intelligent animal-friendly robot vacuum cleaner

A concentrate of smart technology for an incredible cleaning performance, which also helps to monitor four-legged friends when they are alone at home: here is the Samsung Jet Bot Ai + robot vacuum cleaner

Also available in Italy Jet Bot Ai +, the Samsung robot vacuum cleaner equipped with artificial intelligence that eliminates dirt, recognizes furniture and even small objectsup to 1 cm, and allows you to control the home environment and remote cleaning.

Jet Bot Ai + is the first and only robot vacuum cleaner equipped with an Intel processor that powers its technology Jet Ai Object Recognition, making it more precise and faster in identifying objects on the floor, distinguishing furniture or appliances and understanding how close you can get to them to clean accurately avoiding impact. A real ally in household chores that looks after the house as you would!

Samsung Jet Bot Ai +: intelligent animal-friendly robot vacuum cleaner

Samsung Jet Bot Ai +: artificial intelligence for thorough and thorough cleaning

Jet Bot Ai + integrates a LiDAR sensor, the same technology used in the world of cars for autonomous driving, which identifies the precise position of the robot and repeatedly scans the room to acquire information on distances: an important function that solves the problem of cleaning poorly lit environments. Furthermore, the 3D sensor Ai accurately scans a large area to avoid small, hard-to-detect objects on the floor. His camera is a real watchful eye; in fact, with a 3D depth, equivalent to 256,000 distance sensors, detects obstacles up to 1 cm in size, a truly unique and exceptional quality in a robot vacuum cleaner. Samsung Jet Bot Ai + is capable of recognize fragile objects such as glass glasses and electric cables that could get caught inside it, or even organic matter: it avoids them or gets close enough to clean them without touching them.

With function Select & Go, Jet Bot Ai + recognizes the rooms and selects which ones to clean, proceeding room by room, as you would! Finally, thanks toApp SmartThings it is possible to set “no-go zone” to signal forbidden areas to the device. The cleaning progress of Samsung Jet Bot Ai + can also be monitored remotely, again via SmartThings, and the robot is compatible with the main voice assistants.

Samsung Jet Bot Ai +: intelligent animal-friendly robot vacuum cleaner

Top-of-the-class performance

Jet Bot Ai + gives no escape from dirt: his Digital Inverter motor ensures a constant suction force and the multi-cyclonic structure of Jet Cyclone combines with a advanced 5-layer filtration system: when the air enters, the metal mesh grille retains the coarser dust particles, then the Jet Cyclone, the sponge filter and the microfilter capture the dust, and finally the fine dust filter retains 99.999% of the fine dust and allergens, including particles as small as 0.5 ~ 4.2 µm, returning clean air.

Samsung Jet Bot Ai + is a smart device, which thanks to the function Intelligent Power Control identifies the type of surface and the amount of dust, automatically adjusting the suction power as needed. After cleaning, the robot automatically returns to its charging base with Clean Station integratawhich empties the dust tank and cleans it using the Air Pulse technology. The only effort for humans? Empty the Clean Station tank every 2-3 months.

Samsung Jet Bot Ai +: A friend for your pets

Make sure the house is tidy and your pet is happy despite our absence? With Jet Live it is possible! Samsung Jet Bot Ai + is in fact equipped with a front camera that can stream video in real time through the SmartThings app. Furthermore, with the Patrol modeyou can safely monitor the status of your home: thanks to E2EE encryption in fact, the videos are protected and can only be viewed by an authorized user.

Samsung Jet Bot Ai +: intelligent animal-friendly robot vacuum cleaner

But for pet owners, the Samsung Jet Bot Ai + offers much more: a truly exclusive service that allows you to monitor and detect the behavior of your dog or cat, alerting the owner in case of abnormal behavior and allowing you to interact with the animal in difficulty. The Jet Bot family, in addition to the top of the range Jet Bot Ai +, includes Jet Bot+, the robot vacuum cleaner equipped with LiDAR sensor, Digital Inverter motor, Soft Action Brush and integrated Clean Station. For more information visit the official website. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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