Teckin Smart Plug: presa intelligente per uso outdoor

Teckin Smart Plug: presa intelligente per uso outdoor

A smart socket can make our home smarter. This Teckin Smart Plug has been designed to withstand cold and bad weather for outdoor use

Smart sockets can home automation of any household appliance because they can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and allow you to turn our devices on and off by disconnecting or giving energy. Having a simple smartphone or any other connected device available, we will be able to control the switching on of the appliances we have in the house. But for all that is outside? For those there is Teckin Smart Plug!

Teckin is officially debuting with an updated version of the outdoor smart waterproof socket SS42 in its official Aliexpress store. Just on the occasion of AliExpress’s anniversary, the current global launch price is only € 15.39limited to 5,000 pieces, you can’t miss it.

Teckin Smart Plug: presa intelligente per uso outdoor

Teckin Smart Plug: a weatherproof smart plug

The Teckin Smart Plug has been designed for outdoor use. In fact, it will allow you to domotize not only the house, but also the entire garden! Sun, rain, snow and wind will not be a problem thanks to the IP44 certification that protects the socket from rain, water spray and dust from any direction. There will be no problems operating in humid environments. Teckin Smart Plug is also made with a flame retardant material (ABS + PC) to further increase safety.

Teckin Smart Plug: presa intelligente per uso outdoor

The smart part is represented by the possibility of remote control and voice control through the main voice assistants available on iOS and Android devices such as Amazon Alexa e Google Assistant. It will be sufficient to download the official application, connect to the Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz) and configure the device. The procedure takes a few minutes. We will have 2 individually controllable sockets that can deliver up to 16 A for a total power of 4000 W. in this way we will be able to power and control different devices independently. A status LED will indicate the status of the socket.

But it doesn’t stop there! Not only can we control the socket with a click on the smartphone. With Teckin Smart Plug it will also be possible program and set a timer. The timer allows you to activate or deactivate the device according to our needs. For example, we can turn on the external lights at a certain time and then turn them off automatically without fear of leaving them on all night. Also available a Twilight switch.

Teckin Smart Plug: presa intelligente per uso outdoor

How to use it?

How can we use this very useful tool? We can definitely use it for manage garden lighting. By setting the timer we can have the garden automatically lit when it gets dark. But we will also be able to control them only with our voice thanks to the voice assistants. The same can be true for the irrigation system, thanks to the IP44 protection. But why not use them also during ours party all’aperto!

Unmissable offer!

Today, Teckin lets you accessorize your home’s exterior with amazing offers on the SS42 on Aliexpress – up to 50 percent off! The best deal price is available now: 15.39 euros, with code: TECKINSS42It is also included a free gift: 5M Smart LED Strip (first 100 orders only).

Teckin has a policy of 2-year after-sales warranty, you can simply contact the store to quickly process returns or exchanges. In fact, thousands of five-star reviews can attest to the fact that these “legitimate” gadgets improve your home 365 days a year.

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