Samsung: Present the Portable SSD T7 Shield

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Samsung introduces the new external SSD, the size of a credit card and designed to withstand drops, water and dust, ensures ultra-fast data transfers to create content anywhere, ideal for recording and editing high definition videos

Samsung Electronics today announced the release of the brand new external memory, T7 Shield Portable Solid State Drive (PSSD), able to guarantee performance e reliability extraordinary enclosed in a robust design and in size ultra compact. T7 Shield is the latest born of the Portable SSDs of the series T7 from Samsung, which also includes the T7, a commonly used driver that delivers blazingly fast speeds in a sleek configuration, and the T7 Touchor the PSSD award winner CESequipped with an integrated sensor for the detection of fingerprints, for greater data protection.

KyuYoung Lee, Vice President of the Memory Brand Product Biz Team from Samsung Electronics states:

Creative professionals and consumers want durable, reliable, high-performance SSDs that can ensure data protection even if dropped, exposed to water or used outdoors. T7 Shield offers compatibility with a variety of devices, which allows consumers to use the new SSD on a variety of devices, including PCs, Android-based smartphones and game consoles.

Samsung: Present the Portable SSD T7 Shield

Extraordinary strength and performance

T7 Shield is currently the memory PSSD of Samsung more robustaand therefore represents the ideal solution for i content creator outdoor oi travelers who want a rich experience databut without the concern of lose them because ofexposure at bad weather o di mishaps.

Designed by Samsung with special care for i detailsT7 Shield resists bumps caused by the eventual fall from a height up to three meters, and is certified IP65 as for resistance to dust e all’water. Despite the robust construction, the T7 Shield is a device compact e light that only weighs 98 grams.

The speed guaranteed by T7 Shield is 1050 megabytes per second (MB / s) reading and 1000 MB / s in writing, which represent the transfer rates higher currently available, according to the standard USB 3.2 Gen2. Compared to its predecessor T5the device has an almost speed doubledwhile its speed compared to external hard disk drives (HDDs) is 9,5 volte higher, resulting in savings of precious time per i consumersi professionals e i digital creators.

Samsung also has optimized both theinternal that theexternal of the product by changing the surface material and improving the software present in the T7 Shield in order to resolve any performance degradation and the overheating occurring during the transfer of large files. Thanks to this change, the performance remains unchanged even in the case of simultaneous file transfer from 2TB and heat production is reduced to minimumthus helping to solve any inconvenience to consumers.

This solution allows you to transmit data in a way stablewithout dips performanceeven in the case of carrying out continuous activities with massive data transfer, including registration, editing, coding e rendering of high quality video. All to dispel any doubts about any instability of the drive performance.

Samsung: Present the Portable SSD T7 Shield

Wide compatibility, safety and packaging

Designed to work with different devices, Samsung’s T7 Shield is capable of to memorize a wide range of images, games e video in 4K e 8K are PC, Mac, Smartphone (Android) o console of game. In addition, security has been strengthened (* 256-bit AES, Advanced Encryption Standard) thanks to the hardware encryption which allows you to securely protect consumer data even in the event of the loss of the T7 Shield. It also guarantees access to the Magician Software9 by Samsung designed to allow users to manage the drive conveniently.

Similarly to others lineup of Samsung’s portable SSDs, the packaging employed turns out to be one third compared to previous generations, with a simultaneous reduction in emissions of saw gas during production thanks toefficiency of the same.

Samsung: Present the Portable SSD T7 Shield

T7 Shield: colors, availability and price

T7 Shield is available in colors beige, nero e blu to meet the preferences of users. Available in two versionsda 1TB and from 2TB, to meet the different needs of use. Provided with a USB-C a USB-C and a cable from USB-C a USB-A.

The selling price is 169,99€ for the model from 1TBe di 319,99€ for the model from 2TB. T7 Shield is available worldwide. Further information is available on the dedicated website.

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