Samsung will produce a smart electric guitar – here’s what we know

Samsung al lavoro per realizzare una chitarra elettrica smart con luci LED thumbnail

It will be called ZamString, and it will be a smart electric guitar designed by Samsung to make it easier to learn the instrument through LED lights on the keyboard.

What we know about ZamString: the Samsung smart electric guitar

Samsung he is working on a device that could revolutionize the musical learning of the instrument. It is about ZamString (string in English means rope) and consists of a smart electric guitar with LED lights on the keyboard. The instrument – complete with strings, pickups and potentiometers – would be linked to a smartphone app called ZamStar.

But how exactly does it work? According to a report from New Atlas we know that the smart guitar can be connected wirelessly (goodbye dear old jack cables) e the LED lights on the keyboard would indicate the chord fingerings and the keys to be played for the riffs. A first video presentation of the tool and the app is available at this address, on the website of C-Lab, Samsung division that presented the project during CES 2022.

The guitar itself has built-in technology that will allow users to share their music on the app. By doing so, other musicians, with other instruments, will be able to collaborate in the composition (up to four instruments at a time). The app also allows you to edit your registration, thus offering the possibility of making a minimum of post production.

On the C-Lab website the project is described as a “smart electric guitar connected to an online jamming platform”. Both the guitar and the app are currently in development, and neither has yet been launched by Samsung.

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