Samsung a lavoro sui display OLED T2 per l'iPad thumbnail

Samsung working on T2 OLED displays for the iPad

Samsung working on T2 OLED displays for iPad thumbnail

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of Samsung being dedicated to production of OLED displays for Apple, and now finally the confirmation arrives. The same Korean company, in fact, has announced that it will work on display with two-stack tandem structure for future Apple iPad models. This configuration would allow to increase both the brightness and the duration of the screens, making the devices more performing.

Apple iPad: Samsung produrrà display OLED T2

It’s official: the new Apple iPad models will have OLED displays with a two-stack tandem structure. These will take two emission layers – and not one -, thus doubling the brightness and quadrupling its duration. A performing technology, but also incredibly expensive. Which is why Apple and Samsung had a hard time finding a definitive agreement that would allow them to start mass production. Despite this, it is quite evident that it will take some time for the new iPad models to be released on the market with Samsung displays.

Apparently, however, it will not be only Apple’s tablets to be equipped with this technology. A recently shared report on the Net states that even the future Mac models may have Samsung’s OLED displays. In both cases, it is a novelty that we will see rather later in time. The Korean company, in fact, should start mass production of the displays in 2023which means we’ll see them on the new Apple iPads at least in 2024. But perhaps the Cupertino company could decide to reduce waiting times by turning to other suppliers. In fact, already in recent months, Apple is carefully following the supply options of the Chinese company BOE. Samsung, however, remains the better choice. Therefore, we just have to wait.

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