The Sandbox and Square Enix bring Dungeon Siege to the metaverse

The Sandbox e Square Enix portano Dungeon Siege nel metaverso thumbnail

The Sandboxone of the most important virtual gaming worlds, announced the partnership strategica with Square Enix: the two will bring the legendary RPG Dungeon Siege within the metaverso.

The Sandbox and Square Enix bring Dungeon Siege to the metaverse

According to what has been revealed, the partnership will take place in two ways. First of all a Dungeon Siege themed LAND will be activated within the Square Enix property, where players will be able to experience RPG experiences and learn the best strategies for building IP-based adventures.

The second will instead allow them users to use characters e objects in voxels within their own experiences made in The Sandbox thanks to the VoxEdit and Game Maker tools.

Dungeon Siege is a highly acclaimed franchise RPG which takes place in medieval kingdom of Ehb. The series over the years has inspired multiple sequels that have sold over 1.7 million copies. The title has also become very popular in the dedicated community moddingmaking it a perfect product for The Sandbox. sebastien borgeg, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, said:

We are happy and excited to see our brand come to life in The Sandbox thanks to the inspiration and creativity of RPG fans. The RPG category is one of the most popular and dynamic in The Sandbox, so Dungeon Siege’s entry into the metaverse is a tremendous opportunity for our community.

Through the Dungeon Siege experience on the Square Enix property, players will be able to embark on a unique adventure that will entertain and prepare them to create their own original quests inspired by the games in the series, thus taking the franchise into the future. This circular creativity is the main ingredient of The Sandbox.

The partnership with Ubisoft joins beyond 200 already announced. Among the main ones we find the one with Adidas, Warner Music Group, Gucci Vault and many others. All started following The Sandbox team’s vision to give players the tools for create your own experiences using characters e worlds both original and already established.