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Say it: the locker becomes smart and safe

With DiLo the locker becomes smart! Meroni’s mechatronic knob, enhanced by the functionality of the AliA app, transforms furniture and lockers into smart objects

Things is the innovative lock of Meronibased on the App of AliA Cloud, spin-off of the group, recently founded, and is a smart knob which makes it easy to share cabinets and office furnitureand which boasts features designed specifically for workspaces.

The different use of the spaces, the alternation of the office and “remote work” have brought with them different needs compared to the pre-pandemic period and have facilitated the birth of new solutions able to satisfy, at the same time, employees and businesses. Many companies have opted for the quality of space over quantity, choosing flexible structures with a high technological content capable of accommodating a variable number of employees.

The words of Carlo Costa

Carlo Costa, Sales and Marketing Director of Serrature Meroni and AliA Cloud commented:

The world of work has undeniably changed, as has the way companies manage their human or physical resources. Most of them have been able to capitalize on the opportunity. Many companies have realized that they can contain or significantly lower infrastructure costs thanks to the implementation of IoT solutions. DiLo, our smart cabinet knob, was designed to meet many of these new needs. It is the result of over 70 years of Meroni’s know-how and collaboration with historical customers, including the main office furniture manufacturers.

DiLo: solid and safe

DiLo is a simple lock from install and use and it is extremely flexiblecan be installed on any material or thickness: wood, glass, HPL and metal.

The mechanical rotation of the knob guarantees maximum reliability and robustnesswhile the flush closing position protects it from involuntary impacts, making it a vandal proof.

The lock is battery powered and guarantees minimum consumption: one notification status alerts you when you need the replacement. DiLo works even without an Internet connection and interfaces with the smartphone via Bluetooth via the encrypted communication protocol SHA2which prevents data breaches.

Easier life for facility manager and user

Digitization has changed the role of the facility manager who now has advanced but “friendly” techno-objects and tools that do not require technical knowledge for installation, maintenance and operation – often do not even require physical presence on site.

The new technologies must allow the creation of an always performing work environment, allowing the constant monitoring of the system and data, to promptly intervene in the face of failures or problems and even prevent them. DiLo solves most of these needs.

Furthermore, it allows you to scale or change the layout of the cabinets as needed, at no additional cost and without requiring any wiring or configuration, guaranteeing significant savings in time and costs.

Solution suitable for any environment

The characteristics of the knob make it a solution suitable to any work environment but also commercial. Developed in the app AliA and implemented in DiLo, the self-service it is specific for work environments and allows the user, upon invitation, the free selection, the autonomous and mixed use of office furniture and lockers.

DiLo is ideal in technology-driven ecosystems single or mixed. It is available in both Bluetooth and dual technology (Bluetooth and RFID) versions. Thanks to AliAtake advantage of the cloud to obtain maximum effectiveness and practicality in access management, for activating and monitoring devices mechanics and mechatronics.

Every facility manager will be able to guarantee the user the maximum degree of comfort and autonomy in using the cabinet or cabinetapplying the most suitable mix or single technology.

What do you think of this mechatronic knob, which will make your cabinet smarter and safer? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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