Scarlet Nexus: demo in arrivo su Xbox Series X/S

Bandai Namco has confirmed the imminent arrival of a demo for its Scarlet Nexus, which will be available in advance on the Xbox Series X / S

There is about a month left until the release of Scarlet Nexus, the new RPG from Bandai Namco, and since its announcement there has been no shortage of previews and trailers dedicated to this new IP. However, the time is also approaching when players will be able to preview the game, given that the Japanese publisher has confirmed thearrival of a demo, which will be available initially only for Xbox Series X / S.

Scarlet Nexus: a demo coming to Xbox Series X / S

Confirmation of the Scarlet Nexus demo gets there thanks to a tweet appeared on the official game account, through which we learn that this preliminary version will be currently available for Xbox Series X / S only. The announcement was also accompanied by a gameplay video, through which it is also possible to take a look at the psychic abilities of the various characters, which can be used to throw objects at opponents. It will be possible, for example, to pick up a boulder and break it in two, all accompanying the action with the stick of the pad, as if it were a quick time event.

Furthermore, at the base of the game we will find it Struggle Arms System (SAS), which will allow us to use the psychic abilities of our companions, which however will not be limited to elemental powers, but will also allow us to provide active support to the team.

Before saying goodbye, and renewing the appointment on the pages of, we remind you that Scarlet Nexus will be available starting next June 25th, in the Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and PC versions. If you perhaps want to buy it at a discounted price, our invitation is to keep an eye on the Instant Gaming pages.