Scarlet Nexus: denied the arrival of the title on Xbox Game Pass

Distributor Bandai Namco denies the recent rumor that he wanted Scarlet Nexus among the titles available in the Xbox Game Pass on day one

With the approach of E3 and the Summer Game Fest, two of the most important trade fairs in the videogame sector, rumors regarding the most anticipated upcoming titles. One of these rumors wanted that Scarlet Nexus, A sci-fi themed RPG in development at the Bandai Namco, was intended to be included in the offer of Xbox Game Pass. The rumor was however promptly denied by Bandai Namco itself.

Scarlet Nexus: that’s why it won’t be part of the Xbox Game Pass offering

To have confirmation of the fact that Scarlet Nexus is not, at least for the moment, destined to land within the Game Pass, it is sufficient to read the statement released by Bandai Namco to the well-known trade magazine VGC, which leaves no room for any doubt about it. In it, the Japanese company bluntly states that there is no intention on their part to bring the title into the pass. In the same statement, Namco further states that the exit date of Scarlet Nexus remains the June 25 and that, starting from that day, the title will be available for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Scarlet Nexus: denied the arrival of the title on Xbox Game Pass

Scarlet Nexus was announced in March of 2020 during the first Xbox Series X gameplay showcase. The plot of the game, for which a trailer was recently released, takes place in the distant future and stars a group of psychic-powered soldiers, called OSF. These will be called to defend humanity from the threat of the White Walkers, the terrible brain-eating mutants.

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