Nintendo renews the brands of Mario Kart and Pikmin close to E3

The Big N trademark is renewed for Mario Kart and Pikmin, just one week from Nintendo Direct of E3 2021

The Summer Game Fest event that kicks off E3 2021 is just around the corner, but even if Nintendo Direct for E3 2021 will ask us to wait a little longer the Big N caught us off guard as always by renewing the brands of Mario Kart e Pikmin. The suspicious timing of the thing has reignited the speculative scene leading fans to wonder if there is anything under it. For our part we would like to appeal, if not to your skepticism, at least to your caution: before letting go of the hype, remember that for IP holders this is pura routine.

Mario Kart and Pikmin, two new faces for Nintendo’s E3?

Nintendo Direct of E3 2021 will have a lot to prove given this year’s bare schedule, and Mario Kart and Pikmin could be two great franchises to focus on. For reasons opposite each other, in fact, fans are waiting for a new chapter of each series. Mario’s road spinoff certainly does not lack representation on Switch, but the fixed presence of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the sales figures, the hybrid is the first console of the Big N not to boast an unreleased episode (more or less).

Nintendo renews the brands of Mario Kart and Pikmin close to E3

The discourse is overturned for Pikmin, which among the many franchises of the Kyoto giant certainly does not shine for prolificacy. After the first two episodes on Nintendo GameCube and their re-release New Play Control! on Wii, fans have seen their prayers answered with the third installment for Wii U, in turn ported to the Switch under the name Deluxe. Whereas the latest new release for the series was the spinoff Hey! Pikmin on Nintendo 3DS, characterized by a linear structure for its own levels, we could have two ideal candidates for the next, unpredictable Direct.

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