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SCG safety test passed without airbag

The Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG), has raised the bar of safety, taking it to the next level with its supercar SCG 004S. In fact, the car has recently passed the side impact tests without the need to have installed the side airbags.

The passed test concerns the so-called test mobile / deformable barrier at 51 km / h. This consists of driving a vehicle called a “bullet” against the side of the car at 51 km / h. The bullet car is equipped with a deformable barrier at the front, which is intended to simulate a side impact on the passenger compartment when it collides with the car. And as mentioned above, the 004S passed this test without having installed any airbags. And if this is not an easy task for any car manufacturer, let alone for a small team like SCG.

SCG is the first car manufacturer to pass the safety test without an airbag

Passing this security test is particularly difficult. In fact, unlike a frontal impact, in which the engine compartment acts as a deformation zone before the force of the impact reaches the passenger compartment, the side cannot rely on this “barrier”. So it must be able to deform enough to absorb shocks while remaining rigid enough. This is even more crucial when taking airbags out of the equation. In a nutshell it means that SCG must have done a really good job of bringing the vehicle’s crash structures to that level of protection.

SCG believes it to be the only car manufacturer in history to pass the deformable / movable barrier safety test at 51 km / h without a single airbag. The car obviously looks completely destroyed, but that’s the point. The bodywork is intended to withstand the brunt of the damage, leaving the passenger compartment completely intact to keep the occupants safe.

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