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A new school year the third school year in times of Covid-19 is about to begin. Today, Monday 13 September, children from ten Italian regions will return to the desks. There will be no distance learning: this year, more than ever, face-to-face lessons represent a special milestone. For this you need to get everything you need for the back to school or university.

Starting from backpacks, computers, headphones for studying, stationery and other useful accessories for students, the time has come to do a quick check to see if you have everything you need to return to school or inside the classrooms of the university. Below you can find everything you need about back to school and some curiosities about back to school.

The return to school is upon us: we are sure that all the students would have noticed it even without us saying it. We don’t want to put our finger in the sore. Rather, give you some enthusiasm for this “back to school” by advising you some tech gadgets perfect for back to school. No useless but real toys or furnishings technological devices which can make going back to school or to university classrooms more enjoyable.

Even this year Amazon launched the promotion “One Click for the School”, now in its third edition. This is an initiative in support of Italian teaching, which helps students in kindergarten, primary and secondary school (both first and second grade). With the previous two editions, Amazon has donated a total of 5.9 million euros in the form of virtual credit, disbursed to more than 28,800 schools who have joined the promotion. Electronic equipment, stationery, physical education items, musical instruments and other useful items were thus purchased.

Many students have already returned to class, for others the fateful back to school moment will arrive on Monday. This year the return to face-to-face lessons is a special milestone and pupils have never been so happy to walk through the school door. Suppose everything is ready, folder prepared, pencils blunt, pencil case stocked. But we know that there is also a slice of incurable procrastinators who arrive at the last minute unprepared. Don’t panic, you can do it.

Going back to school or university classrooms after the summer has a bittersweet flavor even for the most passionate of students. We need to find the rhythm: fortunately there technology can help us do that. We have thought of a series of student apps and services which can come in handy while you are walking towards your school. Sometimes just unlocking your smartphone makes school life easier.

Back to school

Holidays over means, sadly, also another thing: you go back to the office (or to school). What better way to get back at your desk than to have a functional computer? Maybe one of those with whom, after the loyal duty, you can also relax with entertainment. We think about meeting these needs Huawei, which offers on its store interesting discounts and promotions on the occasion of the back to school.

For teens, September means only one thing: back to school. Even if you go back to face-to-face lessons, a good computer remains a student’s best friend. Since the first lockdown, technology has become an integral part of our lives. We can therefore say that the role of electronic devices has also become fundamental in the world of education, and not only in the DAD.

Which ones are they the best laptop backpacks of 2021? Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get everything you need to get back to school or the office, including the right backpack. However, choosing is not easy. Not only because there are so many backpacks in circulation but also because it is necessary to evaluate different parameters. In short, what size laptop do you need? How many liters? Waterproof? Do you need a USB port for charging your smartphone? Does it have to adapt to other uses as well? If you are already having a crisis, take a deep breath and relax. We have selected for you the best laptop backpacks of 2021.

Back to school

The 2021/2022 school year has arrived. To streamline the green pass verification procedures at school, the Ministry of Education and Health would be preparing an app that will allow principals to quickly check the green passes of school staff.

September is the month of “back to school“, That is, of the return to school. And yes, it applies to everyone: from primary school pupils to university students. But before sitting down again in the school desks, perhaps trying to grab a seat in the last row, you need to have everything you need, including technology.
The school of 2021 is now projected into a future with less paper and more PCs, tablets and useful accessories for students, both in the classroom and in the home or the large tables of a library. So let’s find out i must have del Back to School 2021.

The 2021/2022 school year is upon us, and this year the return to school is full of particular expectations. Because it will finally be a return behind the counters. So in presence, but with a strong symbolic value. As the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi said: “It will be an important moment for all of us, especially for our students and our students. It will be even more so this year, after the long months of the pandemic ”.

Back to school

LEGO Education is expanding its current LEGO Learning System with the addition of SPIKE Essential. This program is designed for students of the Primary School. Its purpose is to promote literacy, mathematics, and socio-emotional development through story-driven learning and problem-solving.

The beginning of the 2021/2022 school year is getting closer and closer and from this year in the Amazon window “Ready for School” there will be a novelty: the Chiara Ferragni X Pigna line, a new commercial horizon of the famous influencer and entrepreneur Italian.

Back to school and university is approaching, so it’s time to do a quick check to see if you have everything you need. Not only books and stationery of all kinds but also the right technological tools.
To meet the needs of students Apple launched the promotion Back To School 2021 that allows you to take home the AirPods, Apple’s true wireless headphones. So let’s find out Apple’s Education pricing and offers for this I return to the benches.

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