SCUF Gaming: introducing the first high-performance controller for Xbox Series X | S

Faster performance and more customization for all Xbox gamers. Here are the new SCUF Instinct and SCUF Instinct Pro

SCUF Gaming, a leading company in the design and construction of high performance gaming controller, today announces SCUF Instinct and SCUF Instinct Pro, designed specifically for Xbox Series X|S.

SCUF Instinct offers Xbox fans all the innovative features gamers have come to expect from SCUF, without giving up an improved controller design to optimize its performance. Both models, Instinct and Instinct Pro, include: four integrated back control functions (palette); three different button remapping profiles; a sophisticated ergonomic shape designed to offer optimized control and adapt to a wide variety of handles; numerous customization possibilities to meet the needs of every enthusiast, including interchangeable bodies, analog buttons and directional controls.

SCUF Gaming: introducing the first high-performance controller for Xbox Series X | S

SCUF Instinct Pro is also equipped with i new instant triggers which allow all players to choose between an instant action or a standard action simply by modifying a switch. The instant triggers reduce their range of movement and are activated immediately, returning a single touch feedback typical of the mouse keys: ideal for fast-paced shooters. Thanks to the new controller design, you can always go back to standard trigger feedback by modifying the switch again, so you are ready to compete in your favorite racing game. Instinct Pro also provides a high performance handle.

The words of the insiders

Diego Nunez, SCUF Gaming Chief Marketing Officer, said:

“SCUF Instinct brings new benefits to Xbox Series X | S players. We have refined our offering of high performance SCUF controllers, thanks to a new form factor and a renewed handle that will meet the needs of an even wider variety of gamers and enthusiasts. Integrated backbones and newly designed instant and analog triggers combine to create our most responsive controller ever. The history of SCUF has always been linked to Xbox fans and we are proud to have created a controller that pays homage to the passion of these players that allows them to fully appreciate the new and exciting titles of the latest generation of consoles. “

Today’s gamers don’t focus on a single game, franchise or genre, which is why the Instinct models offer integrated remappable profiles, which can be activated intuitively by simply pressing a button: a SCUF novelty. The profiles of the headstock allow you to Easily adjust controller settings and save them for later use in different games, without the need to interrupt the game, or use third-party remapping tools or apps.

SCUF Gaming: introducing the first high-performance controller for Xbox Series X | S

Instinct controllers can also be customized using the appropriate configurator on the SCUF website to offer various style combinations. Choose between the wide variety of bodies, buttons and colors to create the perfect combination that suits your personal style. Every detail and feature of the Instinct models have been carefully crafted and designed to offer an unparalleled gaming experience, able to adapt to any taste and style of play.

The complete list of features of SCUF Instinct and SCUF Instinct Pro

  • Button for selecting and saving three profiles and remapping configurations for different games
  • A wireless connection with improved dynamic latency input for convenient wireless gaming
  • An optional wired connection for zero-latency games, to play comfortably on your sofa, thanks to the 2-meter USB-C cable
  • Convex, concave, short and long analogs that adapt to your every need
  • Analog in shape and material improved to guarantee greater comfort and durability
  • Removable and easily customizable shells allow you to change styles and buttons at will
  • New share button to give players the ability to share their best plays with their friends
  • Rings made of self-lubricating materials that offer analogs a perfectly smooth movement
  • Mute any headphones connected to your controller by simply pressing the dedicated button
  • Instant triggers that can be activated using a special selector that return the typical feedback of the mouse keys, to offer you faster actions than ever (Instinct Pro only)
  • High performance handle, with comfortable non-slip surface suitable for long gaming sessions (Instinct Pro only)

Prices and availability

Compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices, SCUF Instinct is available starting with 179.99 euro, while SCUF Instinct Pro starting with 209.99 euro. Both are currently available exclusively on the SCUF Gaming website.

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