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SCUF unveils the new Instinct and Instinct Pro controllers

The sector of controller for consoles dedicated to the Esports world is enriched with new ones SCUF Instinct e SCUF Instinct Pro. The company, which specializes in the creation of custom controllers, has, in fact, unveiled these two new solutions designed for Xbox Series X and Series S users (and not only) who are looking for a controller that can offer optimal performance, under all the points of view.

The new SCUF Instinct controllers debut

The new solutions presented by SCUF aim to satisfy, to the maximum, the needs of users. THE new SCUF Instinct controllers, in fact, they are characterized by optimal performance, in all contexts of use. The controllers have been designed from the ground up to ensure the lowest response time ever, a natural and ergonomic grip and excellent performance.

SCUF Instinct controllers feature remappable palettes to tailor controller characteristics to your needs. SCUF controllers can operate in either mode Wireless that via USB-C cable (already included in the package and 2 meters long). The weight is 280 grams. The new SCUF Instinct and SCUF Instinct Pro are compatible with consoles Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC, macOS and mobile devices.


The new SCUF Instinct is available for Italian users with a starting price of 179,99 euro. The Pro variant, on the other hand, costs 209,99 euro which become € 219.99 by choosing a color other than Black. For more details you can consult the official website of the brand.

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