Sea of ​​Thieves: released the trailer for Season 2

Sea of ​​Thieves: released the trailer for Season 2

Rare has released a new and short trailer dedicated to Season 2 of Sea of ​​Thieves, the popular pirate game exclusively for Xbox

Sea of ​​Thieves prepares for the arrival of the Season 2, as Rare reminds us with a new trailer. The Microsoft MMO title had until a few months ago repudiated the formula of “seasons”, typical of Game as a Service, in favor of constant and often very substantial updates – as well completely free. What can we expect in the coming days?

The Sea of ​​Thieves Season 2 trailer shows us… a barrel

The trailer for the second season of Sea of ​​Thieves it doesn’t give much precise information on what awaits players in the coming months. We can assume that, like the previous season, this new cycle will also have a duration of approximately three months, during which more new content will be added and a new one can be completed Battle Pass.

There are some clues, to tell the truth. For example a new, very tasty emoticon, which will allow our pirate to hide inside a barrel. Anyone who has played any chapter of Metal Gear Solid in the past knows what this can represent within a complex work like Sea of ​​Thieves. The possibility of set up ambushes is around the corner and goes very well with the playful philosophy of the game. In the trailer you can also see the presence of a new skin, the already announced Skeleton Skin.

Rare’s game continues to grind very positive numbers. Not long ago it reached its third anniversary and a whopping twenty million players. Have you tried it? If you would like to buy it at a low price (but we remind you that it is also available on Xbox Game Pass) you could take a look at Instant-Gaming. For the rest, keep following us on the pages to keep up to date on the world of technology and video games.

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