Sennheiser presents Ambeo mini

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Immersive audio packed into a compact soundbar specially designed for movie and music lovers

The innovative soundbar Sennheiser Ambeo Mini combines power, elegance and compactness to offer a comparable sound experience to that of the cinema. Thanks to the advanced AMBEO virtualization technology, it will no longer be necessary to manage annoying cables or arrange numerous speakers to obtain immersive and spatial audio.

Sennheiser presents Ambeo mini

Sennheiser Ambeo mini: Boundless cinematic sound in a compact soundbar

The newest addition to Sennheiser’s AMBEO series is the AMBEO Minia notable addition to a line already acclaimed for its soundbar immersive all-in-one. This device is based on thethree-dimensional sound innovation AMBEOborn from a collaboration with the German research institute Fraunhofer IIS.

With the AMBEO Mini, the three-dimensional immersion experience reaches a new pinnacle within a single and compact devicebringing users to experience the same AMBEO virtualization technology already featured in the AMBEO Max and Plus soundbars.

Building on Sennheiser’s renowned audiophile expertise, the all-new AMBEO Mini offers a crystal clear and enveloping soundwhich permeates the entire space, including powerful and deep bass thanks to the built-in dual subwoofers.

The adaptive mode analyzes the content being played in real time to optimize the audio and ensure the highest quality playback. However, it is possible select a specific preset or even customize preferences through themanual equalizer. An interesting option is the upmix of stereo and 5.1 contentwhich offers an extraordinary concert hall experience right in your own home.

Sennheiser presents Ambeo mini

Immersive Sound and All-in-One Technology in a Compact Soundbar

L’AMBEO Mini represents the perfect balance between an engaging system home theatre it’s a audiofilo musical pleasure, all packed into one compact device.

Setup is a snap thanks to self-calibration, which accurately assesses room acoustics and places seven virtual speakers around the spaces and four speakers positioned overhead. With support for advanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 360 Reality Audio e MPEG-Hit seems to be truly immersed in the action.

In addition, the voice enhancement and center volume functions allow you to further improve the clarity of the dialogues.

The refined and elegant design of the AMBEO Mini hides a feature-rich digital heart, characterized by wide compatibility and ease of use.

The intuitive Smart Control App allows you to interface with AMBEO|OS, a platform equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which supports all the main audio streaming services.

Thanks to regular updates, this soundbar will always stay ahead of the curve, blending seamlessly into your existing media environment for many years to come.

Il prezzo of the Sennheiser Mini is of € 799,00.

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