Shadow Warrior 3: release postponed for the Devolver Digital title

Through a new trailer for Shadow Warrior 3, the guys at Devolver Digital have announced that the release of the game has been postponed

Bad news for all the players who have been looking forward to Shadow Warrior 3 this year, unfortunately we will not be able to get our hands on it yet as Devolver Digital, together with the developers Flying Wild Hog, have communicated with a trailer that the release has been postponed. The trailer reveals that the game will arrive in 2022, however, the developers reassure fans that the exact launch date will be announced soon.

The postponed release of Shadow Warrior 3 comes as a low blow for fans

The return of Lo Wang along with his hilarious style will have to wait, given the postponed release of Shadow Warrior 3, while we advise you to recover the first two chapters of the saga. The reboot of the first Shadow Warrior is one one truly fast-paced and fun shooter, full of violence and blood, doing justice to the original first chapter and even improving it in various respects. Shadow Warrior 2 has decided to take other paths that the shooter genre provides, resulting in less frenetic and fun, with excellent fighting anyway and the addition of character customization and weapons with skills of all kinds that have distorted the real thing a little. essence of the saga.

Flying Wild Hog stated last year that it aims to make Shadow Warrior 3 more like the first game reducing the focus on character and weapon customization to ensure players have maximum fun, as in the first chapter. Recall that Shadow Warrior 3 is out on Xbox One, PS4 e PC.

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