Shark FlexStyle: Multi-Styler and hair dryer for all hair types

Shark FlexStyle: Multi-Styler e asciugacapelli per tutti i tipi di capelli  thumbnail

SharkNinjaleader in consumer electronics innovation, announces in Italy Shark Beauty, the brand dedicated to personal care. Introduce the new Shark FlexStyle, the all-in-one product, styler and hair dryer, to curl, straighten and volumise. From powerful blow dryer to versatile air styler with a simple twist, Shark FlexStyle is designed for all hair types to celebrate diversity in the beauty industry.

Shark FlexStyle for all hair types

Over the past decade, the beauty industry has seen a profound evolution in valuing inclusiveness and promoting diversity. Shark Beauty also supports these values ​​with the launch of FlexStylea product For All Hairkind. Whether they are short, medium length or long; straight, curly or wavy, this is the right product for everyone. Also, the new styler all-in-one is designed for all abilities and has been designed to ensure professional styling for all people, regardless of their style.

The “For All Hairkind” campaign

The product launch in Italy is part of the global For All Hairkind campaign, designed to support diversity and encourage inclusion, core corporate values. The campaign aims to enhance all types of hair by telling the unique stories they contain, with the aim of also helping consumers to accept their own hair. Regardless of length, color, thickness or texture and to explore its possibilities without compromising your health.

Rigorously tested by different stylists, consumers and influencers, Shark FlexStyle is an effective multi-accessory styler suitable for all hair types and all needs.

Technical characteristics of the Shark Flexstyle

The Shark FlexStyle Styler and Hair Dryer, compact and lightweight (only 700g), is presented in Italy in color Champagne and black with rose gold trim (available in July). Curly, straight or wavy, with the new product you can easily reproduce your favorite looks thanks to the 5 accessories included: two self-wrapping cylinders, for easy waves to create in seconds.

A paddle brush, which smooths and adds shine to the hair while drying it; an oval brush, to give volume and elasticity to the hair; a diffuser that lifts and defines natural curls and a concentrator, to perfect drying and styling. The complete set also includes a hard case for added organization.

Shark FlexStyle in Champagne color is available starting March 14 at the price of 299.99 € directly on the official site. In July, however, the complete sets of Shark FlexStyle in black and rose gold details will also be available on