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With the Nilox electric scooter, getting around the city is practical, fun and safe

With the arrival of summer, for people who don’t like getting around by bike, the zero impact alternative is undoubtedly the electric scooter. Its advantage is that it is a versatile vehicle: you can use it in your free time to speed up and make your travels more enjoyable but also to go to work or perhaps integrate it with the use of public transport. Nilox is a sports and outdoor technology brand of the Esprinet Group. It offers a guide of its latest models that combine innovation, practicality and safety, to guide Italians in choosing the perfect scooter for their needs to show off in spring.

Safety and practicality for getting around the city with the Nilox S1 scooter

The latest Nilox model focuses on the safety driving and reliability: in fact, it stands out for both the rear and front direction indicators, in compliance with the new legislation. The LEDpresent both in front and behind, the rear disc brake and the front electronic one make of S1 the ideal vehicle to circulate in city traffic in total tranquillity.

With the aim of ensuring maximum ease of use, this scooter has an integrated smart-display, with which it is possible to monitor all the useful information (speed, battery level, selected gear) and Cruise Control which – in addition to 3 standard speeds – allows you to travel at the speed you want. In line with the limit imposed by the highway code, S1 allows you to set the maximum speed of 20km/h. Equipped with a 350 W motor, the S1 guarantees 28 km of maximum range at 20km/h with a 4-hour charge to reach any destination with agility. Furthermore, to mitigate the risk of theft, Nilox has set up an NFC key, which is necessary for unlocking.

Recommended retail price of 499,95 €.

Nilox M1 synonymous with lightness and versatility

Nilox M1 makes getting around town easier and more fun. With a 350W motor and the possibility of setting the maximum speed of 20 km/h, this vehicle is able to offer excellent thrust even uphill, up to a gradient of 21%.

The real strong point, however, is the weight: with only 13.8 kg M1 is handy and versatile. It guarantees a good 28 km of autonomy, as well as high safety standards, being among the first models in Italy to incorporate turn indicators in the rear LED. The safety equipment is completed by the front indicator assembly kit, the two brakes (engine brake and rear disc brake), the LED headlight and the reflective paint to be visible even at night.

Further details that make this model a must have for getting around the city in a smart way are the soft certified antibacterial material on the knobs, to ensure maximum hygiene, the easily washable rubber and high-grip platform and the LED display useful for monitoring cruising speed and battery charge level, to offer users greater driving comfort. Also for the M1 model scooter Nilox has prepared the NFC key necessary for unlocking.

Recommended retail price of € 399,95.

Nilox Doc 8five Inter: the black and blue scooter

Nilox Inter 1Nilox Inter 1

Doc 8 Five x Inter satisfies the wishes of those looking not only for a comfortable means of transport around the city, but also for a way to highlight their Nerazzurri faith. Featuring a compact design, this electric scooter is able to tackle any type of terrain in an agile and safe way. The tires from 8,5″ equipped with rear disc brakes and front engine brakes, they guarantee movements in total relaxation, while the 350W motor is a guarantee of excellent performance both on the flat and uphill. Doc 8 Five x Inter is also equipped with a kit for mounting the front indicators.

Finally, the rear light a LEDfront light and horn (both operated directly from the dashboard) complete the equipment to ensure greater safety.

Recommended retail price of € 369,95.

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