Sharp at IFA 2023 with its innovative products

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Sharp participates in IFA 2023 by showcasing a series of groundbreaking innovations and new product categories; all this in celebration of its “111 years of global progress and change”

In different areas, several innovations have been introduced:

  • In the audio industry, the SumoBox Pro (CP-LS200) stands out; a powerful, high-performance portable speaker that will delight music lovers and artists alike with its extraordinary power and versatility.
  • Instead in the field of sustainable mobility, we find the Milan (BK-RS08E); an innovative and hybrid e-bike designed for daily commuting or for pure enjoyment, representing a sustainable transport solution.
  • As for small appliances, Sharp introduces a complete range of wireless stick vacuum cleaners. These include the Comfort Power Duo SV12, the Max Power Duo SV20 and the Ultra Power Duo SV28, designed for deep and effective cleaning of any environment.
  • In fine, new high quality air fryers are introduced; available in 4 liter (AF-GS404A) and 5.5 liter (GS-552A) formats, which promise to revolutionize the kitchen with healthier and tastier cooking.

These innovative proposals demonstrate Sharp’s continued commitment to offering cutting-edge products that meet the needs of today’s consumers. Thus helping to consolidate its status as a leader in innovation and global transformation.

Sharp at IFA 2023 with its innovative products

Details on Sharp products presented at IFA 2023

The SumoBox Pro sound system (CP-LS200) offers an amazing sound experience. With a maximum power of 108 dB, thanks to its powerful 200 W RMS stereo speakers, composed of 2 x 10-inch woofers and 2 x 3-inch tweeters. The SumoBox Pro’s wooden frame ensures reliable acoustic performance, while the angled design ensures optimal sound distribution.

Sharp’s SumoBox series takes advantage of Devialet’s solutions, renowned high-end French audio brand, integrating SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) technology. SumoBox Pro is capable of producing deep, detailed and powerful bass with minimal audible distortion.

The SumoBox Pro’s professional panel features three input channels offering a variety of connectivity options; including TRS/XLR combo (2x) with reverb effect, independent bass and treble adjustment, AUX and wireless Bluetooth connection. These channels allow music lovers to easily connect any type of device.

The black industrial steel grille gives the SumoBox Pro a robust and sophisticated look. While the removable silicone corner protectors offer additional protection during transport or on the stage area. This speaker can be placed vertically, horizontally or on a stand. Thanks to the comfortable top and side handles, transport and installation are simple. Furthermore, the IPX4 protection against splashes of water makes the SumoBox Pro suitable for outdoor use.

The lithium ion battery, removable and rechargeable, it offers up to 8 hours of playtime and can be replaced in seconds with another battery. Thus avoiding interruptions during use. Alternatively, the SumoBox Pro can be plugged into a power outlet for continuous power supply and simultaneous battery charging. The speaker can be controlled from anywhere in the room via the SharpLife app, further expanding its versatility.

Sharp at IFA 2023 with its innovative products

Statements about it

Matt SienkoEuropean Director of Audio Products at Sharp Consumer Electronics, said:

We are thrilled to introduce another amazing speaker in our SumoBox range. With SumoBox Pro, we have succeeded in creating a high-quality, high-performance portable speaker that will delight music lovers and become a reliable companion for artists worldwide. With its first-class audio capabilities, powerful audio, extensive connectivity options, indoor and outdoor equalization, and splash resistance, the SumoBox Pro is unrivalled.

Sharp products presented at IFA 2023: the e-bike

Offering maximum satisfaction and comfort during your rides is the main objective of the new Sharp Milano e-bikes. These electric hybrid bikes are a sustainable and enjoyable transportation solution. Not only do they facilitate safe and comfortable travel, but they also promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Sharp’s Milano e-bike is equipped with a robust 250W electric motorwhich offers effortless acceleration and support up to a maximum speed of 25km/h. Advanced battery technology guarantees an exceptional range of up to 80 kilometres, allowing you to tackle even the longest journeys with confidence.

The Milano e-bike is equipped with a light but strong carbon drive belt, supplied by Gates Belt Drive CDN. The rear-wheel drive offers greater grip on hills and facilitates overcoming obstacles. The built-in color LCD display clearly shows crucial information such as remaining power and speed. In addition, the ultra-light 21-inch aluminum frame can be easily disassembled for transport or for replacement of damaged components.

The Sharp Life app offers a range of control and information options, including battery management, a report of your ride data and safety thanks to the digital lock with motion alarm. Sharp Milano e-bikes will be available from Q4 2023 in two color variants: matte black (BK-RS08EB) with an MSRP of €2,499 and shiny silver (BK-RS08ES) with an MSRP of €2,599.

Sharp products presented at IFA 2023: air fryers

Effortless cooking is an experience made quick and easy with Sharp air fryers. These fryers use highly efficient technology that allows you to cook with up to 90% reduced fat content. This is an exciting option for those who want to enjoy their favorite dishes in a healthier way. These fryers are fast, convenient, and deliver outstanding results in the shortest amount of timeas well as consuming less energy than a conventional oven.

The distinguishing feature of Sharp air fryers lies in their advanced hot air circulation technology. This system distributes heat evenly around the food at high speeds, even reaching 2,500 rpm. The result is even cooking on all sides, with a crispy exterior and tender interior.

The structure of the pan allows hot air to reach the food from above and below, ensuring perfect cooking on all sides. Both the basket and the pan have a non-stick coating, which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Also, these Sharp air fryers they feature an intuitive soft-touch control panel and an easy-to-read digital display to adjust programs and temperature. Currently, there are eight preset cooking settings to suit different types of food, such as meat, chicken, fish, potatoes, vegetables, bacon, chips and pizza.

Sharp at IFA 2023 with its innovative products

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