Recensione Sharp HT-SB100: tanta potenza per i vostri film

Sharp HT-SB100 review: Lots of power for your movies

In this review we will get to know Sharp’s HT-SB100 soundbar in every respect equipped with sound 2.0. Let’s find out together

Soundbars have been excellent alternatives to old audio speakers for years now. Theirs unique and compact design makes them excellent for being installed in any environment, from the most classic to the most modern depending on the various models. In addition to significantly increasing the volume of our TVs, they embellish it by giving us a more full-bodied and crystalline sound. In this review we’re going to find out soundbar HT-SB100 di Sharp and we will see how it performed in our hands.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 800 x 64 x 84 mm
  • Weight: 2,5 kg
  • Loudspeaker power: 75 W
  • Connectivity: HDMI-ARC, USB, Bluetooth 5.1, AUX, optical digital out
  • Energy consumption: 10 W
  • Safety mark certificate: UKCA/CE (RED, RoHS, ErP), REACH/PAH/SCCP
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Equalizer: Movie, Voice, Music, Custom

Sharp HT-SB100 review: Lots of power for your movies

Packaging and Design | Sharp HT-SB100 review

The soundbar will come in much longer packaging than itself. This is due to the fact that inside there will also be a smaller box containing the power cordil remote control to control the soundbar remotely ei wall fixings in case you don’t want to place it on a piece of furniture. Once this box is removed we will find the soundbaril instruction manual and the user documentation.

Yes, as you can easily see, in the package we will not find any cable to connect this soundbar to our TV. We will therefore be forced to buy one separately if we want to connect the soundbar to the TV, or connect the latter with Bluetooth if we have the opportunity. To this is added a not exactly eco-friendly packaging which could make the most ardent environmentalists turn up their noses due to the various plastics included.

Apart from these drawbacks, the soundbar presents itself to our eyes with a really elegant design. The front is lined with a mesh metal grille which covers and protects the underlying drivers. In the center we find the company logo and a LED indicating the working status and the selected connection. Above the latter we find the keys related to the ignition, the switch between the various inputs, the Bluetooth key, the one to change the soundbar and the keys to adjust the volume.

Behind they find lodgings enter to connect the speaker to the TV and the one for feeding. The whole body is made up of a single glossy black cabinetnot really suitable in dusty places or with animals, as collects all the dirt that lands. You will also have to be careful not to leave fingerprints with the accidental touch of the hand. The only exception is i sides characterized by a very resistant plastic. Here we also find two holesone on each side, which allow the sound waves to escape without compacting them too much and therefore avoiding sound distortion.

Sharp HT-SB100 review: Lots of power for your movies

Usage and functionality | Sharp HT-SB100 review

The size of this soundbar makes it excellent for quite large screens. The Japanese company itself recommends it with 32″ and up televisions. The positioning of the soundbar can take place both on a piece of furniture and through the appropriate wall fixings. In the latter case however, since these are two separate hooks, you will have to arm yourself with patience and take the necessary measures to mount it in the best possible way.

Omission of cables aside from the company, it is nonetheless a soundbar plug and play. All you need to do is connect it via the chosen cable and, once turned on, select the preset output. Managing everything will not be difficultthanks above all to remote control using the appropriate remote control.

Through the latter you will be able to perform many actions. You can mute or unmute the soundbar, change outputs or select Bluetooth mode, but also go to change the equalization. As mentioned in the data sheet, there are well 3 preset equalizers that you will be able to select, but you will also be able to you change the parameters with the customized one.

Simply press the buttons (+ and -) on the remote control for bass or treble to customize them as you prefer. However you will not find any relative indicationssuch as a numerical or visual quantity (filling bar) and this is a bit of a shame because we will never be able to understand if we are at the maximum or at the minimum, except try to press the keys hoping that changes something. We think that a small LED screen in the frontal part that would have been a better option compared to the light alone.

Sharp HT-SB100 review: Lots of power for your movies

Audio Quality | Sharp HT-SB100 review

We have reached the most important paragraph of this whole review, the one relating to audio quality of this soundbar. Lo standard stereo 2.0 which the HT-SB100 is equipped with allows you to have a slightly more immersive experience than that provided by the speakers of a television. Thanks to the two drivers and the power of this soundbar, we will be able to capture much more audio detail than is normally the case.

Obviously we are not talking about excellent quality and it does not come close to that of a home theater system. Nonetheless, however, we had a great overall experience, being able to see movies and listen to music in a fairly good quality. This is also partly due to the two side openings. There power of 75W released by the drivers would in fact be too loud and risk completely distorting the sound, even at low volumes. These instead allow the escape of sound waves, giving us a cleaner sound.

The equalization then works wonderfully and immediately points out the difference between bass and treble they change radically according to the selected profile. Setting the most suitable one is essential if you want to fully experience every aspect, from music to movies that we will play through the soundbar. Also there Bluetooth connection is excellent; changing rooms, and therefore placing several walls between our device and the soundbar, we have not suffered any loss of signal.

Sharp HT-SB100 review: Lots of power for your movies


We have reached the end of this review regarding Sharp’s HT-SB100 soundbar and the time has come to sum up a bit. We are faced with a good product, excellent for those who do not want to spend too much and want to enjoy an increase in sound quality compared to that of a normal TV. However, if you want to connect it to the latter you will have to buy an additional cable, as the soundbar is completely devoid of it.

The audio quality and sound power are not to be questioned, although it’s only stereo 2.0. Even the equalization does its part, rendering this product suitable for any situationwhether you decide to listen to music or watch movies. The HT-SB100 can manage comfortably via the appropriate remote control which will also allow you to change input and switch to Bluetooth mode.

But in this case we run into a rather important problem. The absence of a small display that makes us understand the selected mode or equalizer it’s really a problem. The engineers have equipped the soundbar with a small bright LED that changes color depending on the situation we are in, but remembering all the colors and associating them quickly is not easyespecially in the first period.

In short, it is certainly a good product that does its job very well, but which needs some improvements. That’s all for this review of Sharp’s HT-Sb100 soundbar. We remind you that it is for sale on Amazon at the recommended price of 74,90 €. In order not to miss future reviews and news regarding the electronic and technological universe, continue to follow!

Good sound, but with some shortcomings

Plus points

  • Audio quality
  • Sound power
  • Manageable remotely

Points against

  • No LED screen
  • No cables in the package
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