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Vueling is at MWC 2023 focusing on innovation and the metaverse

Vueling also this year is present at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023) at Barcelonaillustrating his advances in quantum computing and goals on the metaverse.

What Vueling is presenting at MWC 2023

Vueling in collaboration with Lighthouse Disruptive Innovation Group is exploring new ways to optimize passenger behavior predictions, but also come up with a project of its own Innovation Lab on the development of new technologies and new standards for “flying” through the metaverse.

In the first case, being able to predict passenger behavior is no longer something abstract, but will soon be a reality capable of help streamline operations and make the flying experience even more sustainable.

Indeed the airline has partnered with the Boston Lighthouse Disruptive Innovation Groupwho studied quantum computing algorithms by combining them with classical computing processes.

All this to develop a functional framework capable of providing the necessary capabilities to determine the best hyperparameters from a specific data set, thus establishing a model that allows Vueling to make decisions faster and more efficiently, thus optimizing all operations.

“Technology evolves quickly. This is why we face the great challenge of always being at the forefront, not only to avoid the obsolescence of our systems and solutions, but also to be ready to exploit the most revolutionary technologies and thus respond to future needs” he commented Javier Álvarez, IT Director of Vueling.

“In the future, quantum computing will have a major impact on how we relate to technology. At Vueling we are aware of the potential that this progress can bring to the aviation sector and for this reason we are working on various projects that translate these innovations into greater optimization of our processes and better service to our customers“.

Innovation Lab

As for the Innovation Lab, however, the Spanish low-cost airline has developed – in collaboration with a group of vocational training students from Barcelona within the “24h of Innovation” program – ELIa multidisciplinary research and development path covering seven areas of innovation: hyperreality, gadgets, people, operations, robotics, sustainability and information.

Also, the airline has started working with four Time Horizons ranging from 0 to 3. In Horizon H0 studies the present, focusing on digital transformation projects; in Horizon H1 we reason over a period of time ranging from two to five years; Horizon H2with a forecast of six to twelve years, delving into development opportunities through artificial intelligence; Horizon H3finally, it works in environments such as the metaverse, with a forecast of real application in more than 12 years.

And speaking of the metaverse, it will be possible to do so with Vueling, thanks to the development of new technologies to “identify opportunities and adapt services to customer needs”.

“We believe that in the future there will be not a single metaverse, but multiple created by different entities,” he said Àlex Corretgé, Head of Innovation at Vueling. “Today there are two actors working on standards to enable interoperability between metaverses. At Vueling we are working to be represented in these bodies in order to participate in the development of these standards. When they are created, this will allow us as an airline the ability to offer the service of ‘flying’ from one metaverse to another with your own assets and your own avatar“.

The interest around the metaverse makes it clear how much a resource it is to be used and expanded over the next few years and who knows if Vueling really succeeds in its intention of making people fly even in virtual reality.

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