Shoei Opticson cascon with HuD coming very soon

Shoei Opticson: il casco da moto con head-up-display è vicino alla realtà thumbnail

Shoei Opticson is a project presented by the Japanese motorcycle helmet brand at the last Osaka and Tokyo motor show that aims to integrate the tecnologia head-up-display in a whole wheat. This is not something totally new, as these projection systems have been becoming popular in automobiles for several years. Nor in the world of helmets, with various patented projects presented all over the world, even without reaching the market definitively. But so far none of the ‘big’ brands have presented their head-up-display (HuD) proposal inside the helmet in such a “serious” way.

The brand already showed an idea of ​​this project in 2019. Now it has a name and is in a more advanced stage. Shoei Opticson is a full face helmet with a display integrated into the visor and promises to be a much lighter and stronger system than ever. As the HuD system wants, it is planned a projection on a semitransparent surface at eye level. This gives way to the centaur to not having to look away from what is happening ahead to him. HuD info is useful for taking a look at certain bike data or driving directions from a browser.

shoei opticson

The brand was able to pack the entire system in such a way as not to weigh down the helmet and not to cause discomfort while driving. One of the biggest problems comes from the projector. In this case they managed to place it in the chin area. From here it can project the image upward to the display, which is adjustable to match the right eye correctly. The display can be removed if you do not want to use it without having to completely uninstall the entire system. A rechargeable battery is included in the set, and the display has a brightness sensor to automatically adapt the brightness to different conditions.

Shoei Opticson relies on the smartphone for driving directions

Il Shoei Opticson system connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone, thus taking advantage of its GPS system and its satellite navigation. Surely it is necessary to install a specific app to be able to connect the device to your smartphone and have a simplified view for easy reading on the display. Here you will see the arrows, the distance left to the next detour and also the lane to be occupied for the change of direction.

The fact that Shoei is already showing the prototype, complete with a commercial and patented name suggestspreview of a new full-face helmet with HuD. In fact, the company that collaborates with Shoei, the NS West Inchas filed several patents in this period which underline the confidence in this new helmet.

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