Shortage of microchips stops car production in Europe

La carenza di microchip ferma la produzione auto in Europa thumbnail

Problems with semiconductor supplies continue and auto production in Europe slows down. Both Stellantis and Volkswagen, the two main European manufacturers in the four-wheel sector, have announced a series of production stops in their respective European factories.

Stellantis stops car production at several plants in Europe

Stellantis, the maxi group born from the merger between FCA and PSA, announced it production stops in two factories in France (Rennes la Janais and Sochaux). It should be noted that the group also foresees a production stop in Vigo, Spain. For all implants, the cause of the stop is the lack of microchips. Activities should stop for about a week.

Problems with supplies are also recorded on the sites of Mulhouse (France) and Eisenach (Germany). Stellantis’ car production activities are also slowing down new wave of infections linked to the pandemic. A supplier of the group in Malaysia, in fact, had to stop production activities due to the increase in cases.

Stop also for Volkswagen

Volkswagenmeanwhile announces a production cut in Wolfsburg, main plant of the German giant in Europe. Volkswagen’s car production in Wolfsburg will take place in just one shift per day. It should be noted that the German group has temporarily interrupted the production of the cheaper version of the electric ID.3 precisely because of the shortage of microchips.

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