The WarioWare Get It Together! Demo it’s available

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Within weeks of the game’s release, WarioWare Get It Together! records the debut of a new demo. Nintendo Switch owners will then be able to download the demo version of the game from Nintendo eShop to try out some of the mini games that will feature the new title. The game is already available for pre-order and will be released on Switch in the course of next September.

The WarioWare Get It Together! Demo it’s available

WarioWare Get It Together! shows itself in a new official demo. The game, after the announcement at E3, is now available with a demo downloadable for free from Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. In its full version, the game will rely on over 200 mini games that promise to offer hours of entertainment on the Nintendo console.

The new title of the series can be faced both in single player mode and in coop multiplayer mode. More details on the game will certainly be released over the next few days, pending its release. In the meantime, we leave you the official trailer below:

The game is available for pre-order

In view of the official debut, it is already possible to pre-order the new title from Nintendo. The game, in fact, it can be purchased on Amazon at a price of 49,90 euro (you can use the box below to complete the pre-order). The release date of the title is set for the next one September 10, 2021. The game will also be available in a digital version.

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