Sifu: More than one run will be needed for full completion

Even more details on the new title developed by Sloclap. Apparently, at least two runs will be required to complete all the secrets in Sifu

New details continue to emerge on Sifu, an exclusive Sony action title with particular combat and death / rebirth mechanics. According to the latest information released by the producer, Pierre Tarno, in Sifu it will be necessary more than aa run for a completion total. The game also promises good time. In fact, this will depend on the player’s skill and his degree of learning of the combat system.

At least two runs will be required for Sifu’s thorough completion

As the game went unveiled, he has made himself noticed more and more by the public because of both his apparent simplicity in the game structure as well as his own mechanical details. In the same interview on the difficulty of the game released a MP1st, l’Executive producer Pierre Tarno it was also exposed on the time and on the runs necessary to complete Sifu. Basically, the total duration of the title will depend on how the players will do it own combat mechanics. Tarno added that there will be several hidden secrets along all the missions that will increase the “replay value“, Or the replayability of the title.

Sifu: More than one run will be needed for full completion

In Sifu in fact, the players will be called to experience the adventure at least a couple of times to understand these 100% secrets. The duration, net of secrets and any collectibles, will also be influenced by Kung Fu skills learned from the players. It therefore seems that Sifu has all the menu in Rule to provide a concretely fun experience full of things to discover and experience. Recently, SloClap moved Sifu’s release date by one couple of weeks. The game will be released for PS5, PS4 and PC, theFebruary 8, 2022. Expect more details and gameplay videos in December when the first ones become available hands-on.

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