Sifu: no selection of difficulty at launch

If you were hoping for an easy path of Kung Fu revenge, you will be disappointed. In fact, at launch, Sifu will not have the difficulty selection

One of the surprises of Sony’s recent State of Play was definitely Sifu. Postponed to February 2022, the title developed by Sloclap seems to have that innovative charge that is missing in the current actions. Speaking of the combat system, the team recently intervened, anticipating the lack of a selection of the difficulty in Sifu. In the game, we will therefore necessarily learn thoroughly the combat system to continue without making a bad end (at least at launch).

At the exit Sifu will not allow any difficulty selection

Sifu is one of the most anticipated titles of next year. The game seems to promise a fantastic combat system with which play beat all the enemies that will get in your midst path from vendetta. Another of the peculiarities is the “aging“. That is, with each death, you will be reborn aged with relative advantages and disadvantages in combat. Not having an idea need of what the difficulty will be, we can only refer to trailer released so far. According to these, the title looks a lot challenger. In an interview with MP1st, the executive producer Pierre Tarno spoke about the progression declaring that at launch Sifu he will not have a selection of the difficulty.

Sifu: no selection of difficulty at launch

Furthermore, he adds that die e born again in a new aged form is the price right from to pay to fully explore in system of combat. In fact, fundamental in this system is the learning of mechanical and of skill. The team wanted Sifu to challenge the players and encourage them to learn, improve e to adapt. The ability to rise from the dead helps new players by allowing them to make mistakes and try multiple times in difficult situations. However, the price of failure will increase gradually and to complete the game it will be necessary masterare thoroughly the combat system.

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