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Silence S04, the electric microcar with removable batteries

Introducing the Silence S04 the Spanish brand makes the leap from two to four wheels, offering its first electric car. Essentially designed for travel urban, has particularly small dimensions designed to move with agility in traffic and park easily.

The design of the Silence S04 is reminiscent of others microcar similar, but after all, you can’t indulge yourself much if you want to contain the dimensions. The small Spanish car in fact measures 2.33 meters in length and 1.56 in height, and for this reason it shows a tall and narrow silhouette, with a two-tone body, 14-inch wheels and a front in which very thin headlights head.

silence s04

The endowment of the Silence S04 comprehends multifunction steering wheel, windscreen wipers, electric windows, central locking, air conditioning, seven-inch TFT screen, Bluetooth audio system Cell Phone Holder, 155/65 R14 tires and rear-wheel drive.

Fully connected, thanks also the My Silence APP, from which it is possible know from the mobile itself where is parked the vehicle, his autonomy residual and battery level, as well as other important parameters such as CO2 reduction or the creation of the best routes and routes. It also allows you to turn any smartphone into one electronic car key , from which not only turns on, off, closes or opens the car, but also allows you to raise and lower the window, activate the alarm, air conditioning or ventilation.

It is a model that can accommodate two people, and according to the brand it has a luggage compartment capacity, of which the exact volume has not been given, which cannot be too large due to the size of the vehicle, but which still easily accommodates a travel trolley.

Silence S04

It will be sold in two versions. There L6e which falls into the category of light quadricycles, so it can be driven with a moped license from the age of 14. It has a 6 kW (about 8 hp) engine and reaches 45 km / h. La L7e it is the most powerful, develops 14 kW (almost 19 HP) and can reach 90 km / h, with an approved range of 149 kilometers.

Silence S04, the batteries are removable like in the scooters

A highlight of the new electric microcar is the battery system, which are removable and with a handle for easy transport, a feature that the brand takes from its electric scooters. In fact, the battery system is based on two removable trolley-type Battery Packs, located under each of the two seats.

Silence S04

In addition, they are designed for charging from the car connector or the battery itself, so they can be taken to work or home to do this. The duration of a full charge is estimated to take about 6 hours.

The starting price will be 7.500 euro, but a launch date has not yet been indicated. However, the company has announced that there will also be the possibility of buying the vehicle without batteries, with a price reduction of about 40%. For this reason Silence has developed a service that provides users they can replace any dead battery with a fully charged one in minutes in stations prepared for this operation. The brand assures that this is a very similar process over time to the classic refueling at a service station for any traditional combustion vehicle. Sara available 24/7, and Silence will already start with a pilot test in Barcelona to extend, in 2022, the service also to Madrid and then (perhaps) also abroad. In order to use the service, drivers will need to sign up for this battery replacement program for 20 euros per month.

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