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Squid Game: the free video game is becoming popular on Twitch

Although it is not an official video game, Crab Game, clearly inspired by Squid Game, is becoming popular on the net, also because it is available for free on Steam.

Crab Game: Squid Game-inspired video game is free on Steam

Here comes the unofficial Squid Game video game, after all, it was only a matter of time. Is called Crab Game, which literally translates to Game of the crab, which already from the title seems to make the verse to the very popular Game of the squid. It was inevitable given that the South Korean series is the real trend topic of this fall, so much so that it is the most watched on Netflix.

Already in the past few weeks, several modders have recreated the settings on various titles. The phenomenon was particularly honored on GTA V, on the private servers of FiveM.

Crab Game, however, is something different, as it was designed specifically to become theunofficial game from the Netflix series. The game is basically a multiplayer knockoff, where players face off in battle royale style challenges. It goes without saying that all the games offered are taken from the TV series, generating great curiosity on streaming platforms. The success of Crab Game was born on Twitch, where the live shows of the game are able to attract more than 20 thousand spectators. Impressive figures if we consider that renowned titles such as Final Fantasy 14 Online or PUBG Battlegrounds struggle to reach certain numbers.

The game is also totally free on Steam. Now we just have to wait to understand if, in the near future, Netflix will also want to capitalize on the phenomenon and release an official Squid Game video game.

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