Silent Hill: a rumor hints at three different projects

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It seems that the rumors around the dark Silent Hill saga do not want to end as evidenced by the last of these who spoke of three different projects at Konami

They are now exactly ten years have passed since both the last canonical chapter and the spin – offas well as from the remake, of the historic series of Silent Hill. That the nightmares at Konami are over or are we at the beginning of something new? A rumor seems to lean towards this second hypothesis, but let’s go ahead with some order!

Silent Hill: chronicles of a nightmare, and of leaks, without end

For a couple of years now the rumors about one of the major series signed by Konami continue to circulate on the network and today it is the well-known Jeff Grubb who wants take stock of the situation on Twitter stating how there may be three projects in sight for the hugely popular horror series.

After the screenshots that came out recently, the prima hypothesis is certainly that of a new chapter of the series although, however, it could be a separate title yet to be revealed given the code name Sakura. The according to project, on the other hand, would be a remake of the legendary Silent Hill 2as also mentioned by the insider NateTheHate, while thelast seems to lean more towards one new anthological series on the false line of Until Dawn.

Silent Hill: a rumor hints at three different projects

Obviously these are guesses and nothing is official yet so remember to take everything with due pliers. Even because, further leaksthey said that gods are already being worked on new chapters of historical sagas such as Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania (even if we have been talking about it for a year). So let’s hope for the best!

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