Silent Night: the official trailer for John Woo’s new film

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The first official trailer for the new action film Silent Night, directed by John Woo, has been revealed. Starring Joel Kinnaman; the thirsty quest for revenge devoid of dialogue

The legendary director John Woo he is ready to unleash his creativity in the new film Silent Night. Known for his unmistakable style as demonstrated in previous filmsFace/Off – Two faces of a killer; this time she wanted it condense all its potential into an action thriller with bitter tones with a great peculiarity: the almost total absence of dialogues.

With John Wick producers Basil Iwanyk and Erica Leeactor, it stars the actor Joel Kinnaman, in the role of the desperate father driven by the thirst for revenge. An action film with a narrative style, ready to literally leave you speechless. Let’s discover the recently revealed official trailer below.

Silent Night: the wordless trailer for John Woo’s new film

The Christmas spirit begins to make its way, but with a slight aura of anger and revenge. As anticipated by the first official trailer; Silent Night by John Woo presents itself as a non-stop ride starring Joel Kinnaman.

After witnessing the accidental death of his son, who was caught in the crossfire of a gang on Christmas Eve and was injured; Godlock (Kinnaman) begins to give shape to his thirst for revenge, immersing himself in a ferocious punitive expedition.

Left without a voice, the story will follow a narrative thread with almost an absence of dialogue, with the sole aim of surprising the viewer thanks to the action and twists contained. As stated by the director John Woo himself:

It was a very clever script and the story really touched me because I have three children.
The biggest challenge is how to make the audience accept a story without dialogue and make them move, making them understand that they are not missing something.

Available starting December 1st in American theaters and distributed by Lionsgate; are in the cast Scott MescudiCatalina Sandino Moreno, Yoko HamamuraVinny O’Brien e Harold Torres.

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