Sixt+ e il noleggio on demand: come funziona lo streaming dell'auto thumbnail

Sixt+ and on-demand rental: how car streaming works

As users change, the offer of services dedicated to them also changes. SIXTa premium level mobility partner, present in Italy and in over 110 countries around the world, makes the service available SIXT+ even in our country. A system of all-inclusive car rental totally flexible that meets equally flexible mobility needs on the rise, especially among new drivers. In short, using a car no longer necessarily means “owning a car” but having it available when needed. To be free to move anywhere “on demand”.

Sixt+ promotes the use rather than purchase trend: you no longer own a car

The global concept of usage instead of own purchase of SIXT+ can be compared to “streaming per l’auto”. In contrast to car sharing or short-term rental, with SIXT+ the customer gets the vehicle of his choice which he can use as his own private car for as long as he wants and as long as he needs it.

The complete package is formulated to relieve the customer of all thoughts and concerns related to the use of the car as it includes protection packages, registration, workshop costs for maintenance and assistance, car devaluation and much more and is available starting at 499 EUR per month, without committing the Customer to long contract periods. SIXT+ can be easily canceled monthly after a minimum period of 30 days.

From small cars to sedans: the latest models of automotive production just a click away

SIXT+ subscribers can also enjoy the latest models and more for the duration of the contract without any depreciation but also without high down payments and, as a rule, without long waiting times for the delivery. They can choose between different categories of vehicles, from small city cars to luxury sedans, from sports coupes to SUVs.

After subscribing to the subscription, the cars are usually available within a few days at the over forty locations of the current SIXT service network in Italy. SIXT therefore allows mobility for those people for whom the classic car purchase may not be an option for the most diverse reasons.

Car Keys and RemoteA hand holding car keys and a remote control for keyless entry.

SIXT+ is part of the SIXT ONE mobility platform

The new SIXT+ offer can be booked on the website and via the SIXT app. SIXT thus has a portfolio of products and services that is unique in the mobility sector: with SIXT rent, SIXT ride ed ora SIXT+, SIXT is the first company in the world to offer, on the basis of a single platform, mobility solutions for every need, from a rental for a few hours to a rental for a few weeks’ vacation, or several months’ use.

Customers can view and modify the contents of their contract at any time, online via the website or by mobile via the App, add mileage and add or remove an additional driver. SIXT guarantees its customers absolute ease of use, maximum flexibility and full transparency. With SIXT+, the company is once again at the forefront of the industry.

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