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Slam Dunk: the first film arrives in Italy, here is the Teaser!

In the past few hours the arrival at the cinema in Italy, through Anime Factory, of the first Slam Dunk film has been announced: all, of course, accompanied by a wonderful Teaser Trailer

With the Anime Factory label, Plaion Pictures has distributed, over the years, great classics of the Japanese past such as Ufo Robot, Grendizer, Ken the Warrior, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Maquia, Lupine III – The First, One Piece Stampede and many others. Therefore, the news, disclosed via press release, does not come as strange that the same label will bring the anime The First Slam Dunk to the cinema in Italy (when it is not yet known)., produced by Toei Animation and directed and written by Takehiko Inoue, creator of the original manga. The release of the film in theaters represents an epochal event for fans of the brand, who will finally be able to admire the vision of the master Inoue on the big screen, who 30 years after the debut of the manga wanted to personally sign the title to guarantee the original spirit of the work, capable of winning admirers all over the world. The same title, The First Slam Dunk, aims to highlight how this feature film is, even for fans of the brand, an opportunity to experience such an immersive visual and emotional experience for the first time.

Set in the world of high school basketball (manga contributed to a newfound basketball boom in Japan and beyond in the 1990s) The First Slam Dunk features a “hybrid” animation between cutting-edge CGI and hand drawing typical of traditional 2D animation, expressly desired by Takehiko Inoue himself. The director decided to adopt this technology because it is indispensable for recreating the fluidity of the movements, in breathtaking and highly realistic game sequences, catapulting, also thanks to the skilful camera movements, the spectator within the field next to the protagonists. We leave you the The First Slam Dunk teaser of the announcement right below.

The First Slam Dunk: the arrival in Italy is announced with a Teaser Trailer!

Released in Japan in December 2022, 26 years after the last animated series, the film demonstrated how the Slam Dunk brand still remains firmly in the hearts of the public. Relying on a host of fans, who over the years have made the manga one of the most widely read ever with over 170 million copies sold worldwide, the feature film has conquered the Japanese Box Office by grossing over 10 billion yen (over 74 million euros ), surpassing even Avatar – The Water Way.

In a dynamic alternation between the adrenaline-pumping basketball game and engaging flashbacks on the characters’ lives, The First Slam Dunk puts the spotlight on Ryota, the point guard of Shohoku, the high school team protagonist of the manga. Opening the doors to his past, never revealed before by Inoue, the film represents an unmissable opportunity for fans to discover how Ryota became the character that everyone has come to love over timeas well as shed new light on the other protagonists born from the mangaka’s pen.

The synopsis is as follows:

Ryota Miyagi and basketball have always been one. His love for this sport was transmitted to him by his older brother Sota, who died in an accident at sea when Ryota was still small. Ryota is the point guard of Shohoku, a team that earned a place in the national tournament as the representative of Kanagawa Prefecture despite being an unknown high school. Ryota is ready, together with his teammates, to face the “unbeatable” Sannoh, the champion team of the national tournament.

Have you seen the Teaser Trailer of The First Slam Dunk? What do you think about it? Let us know below in the comments e stay tuned with us at for all the news on cinema and TV series!

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