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Sly Cooper: the fifth chapter coming?

Sony fans have had a lot of characters to indulge in, but it seems that the raccoon Sly Cooper has been lost until now.

At the beginning of the 2000s, on the fabulous PlayStation 2, therefore ran Sly Cooper, a thieving raccoon who, together with his band of worthy cronies, had to recover missing treasures and items for a really good platforming experience. These deeds seemed forgotten until today, given that a leak gives us hope for a fifth chapter which could be announced this year. Let’s try to understand the situation a little better!

Sly Cooper: Let’s take a look at the leaks

According to what was declared by Nick Baker during the XboxEra podcastit seems that Sony intends to revive the adventures of Sly Cooper whose last traces date back to 2013 with the Thieves in Time chapter released for PlayStation 3.

To echo these statements are also the statements by AccountNGT on Twitter, which we leave below, according to which there should also be another game in development. It would in fact be another title in the inFamous series which could therefore be announced to an event that the Sony herself is planning for September.

Returning to the adventures of our favorite thief raccoon, this one fifth chapter it should bear the signature of the American firm PixelOpus (the same as Entwined and Concrete Genie) and not del original creator although he could still put his signature here and there. Obviously remember to take all this information with due pliers as it is always unofficial information!

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