SMS scams: AGCOM changes the regulation of aliases

Truffe via SMS: AGCOM rinnova il regolamento degli alias thumbnail

AGCOM aims to counter fraud via SMS: to achieve this objective, the Authority presented a new regulation which aims to regulate the alias system which allows you to send a text message showing a name (for example of a company) to the sender, even if the number is not saved in the address book. Here is what AGCOM foresees:

What the new AGCOM regulation foresees to fight SMS scams

As defined by AGCOM, operators will no longer have to accept SMS with aliases from subjects who do not reside in Italy. These messages will need to be blocked. For the usersFurthermore, there must always be the possibility of recontacting the subject behind a specific alias, so that we can verify their identity.

The current system dates back to a regulation of 2013 which, in the recent past, has proved difficult to apply by sector operators. With the new regulation, however, AGCOM aims to combat fraud via SMS more effectively.

The alias system, in fact, allows unidentified subjects to send text messages to users by posing as a reliable company, with the aim of steal credentials and carry out other types of scams. The new regulation, with a revision of the alias register, will have the task of eliminating these risks, making incoming SMS safer for users.