Snapchat: Chats and calls have new and interesting features

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With the arrival of the new year, Snapchat has introduced several new features in its chat. From the ability to respond individually to messages in groups, up to many new features for Bitmoji e Adhesives. It has also improved the interface for calls, to further improve the communication on the site.

Snapchat introduces news for chats and calls

Snapchat chats offer the ability to respond in so many different ways in the conversation. Sometimes almost too many, with the risk that conversations could “explode”. Now the app introduces the ability to reply to individual messages, in order to always be on par with conversations and communicating in a contextual manner. To use this feature, just press and hold on a message in Chat and then choose Reply to start un thread.

Also comes the possibility of use Bitmoji as reactions, to express yourself in an even more direct and fun way with the ephemeral messaging offered by the app. Each user can choose up to seven reactions to choose from.

Within the chat you can now also create gods polls enriched with emojis. And you can then share these stats with Emoji by adding them to your Snaps or Stories. This feature again demonstrates how Snapchat takes a “visualfirst“, Preferring emojis to text even in messages. Just select the polls in the Adhesives.

Finally, the calls, with Snapchat reinventing both the audio and video interfaces. In fact you can add some Lenses and visualize who join a group call before joining the conversation. One way to make video calls more fun on the one hand, and to make sure you want to join the call before answering it on the other.

You can discover this and all Snapchat features in the apps for Android and iOS.

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