Solar Ash: released trailer with release date

The Annapurna Interactive Showcase took place recently, and among all the announcements, in this article we see the release date of the highly anticipated Solar Ash, revealed through a brand new trailer

We had already talked to you, some time ago, about the announcement of the Annapurna Interactive Showcase, or the conference concerning all the main projects of the US publisher. It took place yesterday, and there was room for many very important announcements, such as the new gameplay of Stray. Among other things, it was also revealed, via a new trailer, the release date of Solar Ash: in this article we will try to analyze in detail everything there is to know new for fans who are eagerly awaiting this title.

Solar Ash: trailer analysis and release date disclosure

To tell the truth, the video trailer does not show anything particularly new compared to what we had already seen during the marketing campaign. Such a trailer lasts 1 minute and 12 seconds, time needed to look at some quick images and reveal the release date of Solar Ash, which will be the October 26, 2021. Below, you can see the video in question.

For those not in the know, Solar Ash is a video game developed by Heart Machine (already known for Hyper Light Drifter), which sees us players take the shoes of King, a Voidrunner who ventures nell’Ultravoid to bring one’s world to salvation. To do this, Rei will have to overcome different types of obstacles, wandering the game world and fighting against huge bosses called Sentinels. The title is coming out for PS4, PS5 e PC (tramite Epic Games Store), and will support various exclusive features related to the Sony home console, such as the exploitation of the SSD for shorter loads or the support for DualSense haptic feedback.

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