Some images of the new Silent Hill title are leaking

Trapelano alcune immagini del nuovo titolo di Silent Hill thumbnail

Today some images which show the alleged new game in the Silent Hill series. However, due to the copyrightthe images are then been removed. Let’s find out all the details together.

Is a new Silent Hill game really around the corner?

The images, shared by the well-known insider Dusk Golemwe reveal that the title will have a rather oppressive atmosphere and therefore in line with i best titles in the Konami series. Apparently, these images come from aa build del 2020. This means that the game may have a slightly different look se e When will be announced.

It also appears that this is not the only new chapter of the series under development.

Shortly after sharing the images of the new Silent Hill game, Dusk Golem received a notification DMCA from Konami, so it looks like these images are actually legitimate. Unfortunately now, due to copyright, have been removed.

After sharing the new Silent Hill images, Dusk Golem also revealed that several studios are working on this game. According to what was revealed by the leaker too Masahiro Itohistorical artist of the series, is working on the project.

For some time now there have been rumors of this new chapter in the Silent Hill series. To date, however we haven’t received an official announcement yet. In June 2021, Konami entered into a strategic partnership with Bloober Team and it is rumored that the Polish studio is working on a new chapter in the series. Furthermore, in March Konami has updated the branding of the series in Japan, mentioning i virtual reality viewers. So, if the math is right, it looks like we’re getting the long-awaited announcement this year.

We just have to wait and hope for an official announcement from Konami.

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