Starlink is available in over 30 countries around the world

Starlink, la rete satellitare di SpaceX è da oggi disponibile in Italia thumbnail


Starlink’s growth continues which has now reached utotal of 32 countries where the service is available. The announcement was made by SpaceX in these hours. The satellite Internet network is constantly growing and has now reached an important new milestone. Furthermore, in the countries where the service is available, users can activate the satellite connection by quickly receiving the devices necessary for connecting to the Internet.

The number of countries where Starlink can be used is growing

There are therefore 32 countries in which the Starlink service is active. There constant growth of the service goes on with new areas and new potential users who can now access the satellite connection. For more details on the global availability of the network, please refer to the attached link below.

In fact, Starlink has made one available to its users interactive map which allows you to check the areas of availability of the service with the utmost precision. This way, finding Starlink availability will be much easier. It should be noted that SpaceX intends to significantly extend the coverage of its satellite network over the next few months. By consulting the map, in fact, it is possible to check future projects.

The number of countries in which the Starlink service is available is therefore destined to increase rapidly in the coming months. Further updates on Availability Zones will arrive in the near future.

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