Sonic Colors Ultimate officially announced

SEGA has officially announced Sonic Colors Ultimate, the remaster of the 2010 title which is scheduled for release on September 7th

The news was in the air, following some leaks that appeared on the net on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the blue hedgehog, and in the end everything turned into reality: in fact, for a few hours SEGA confirmed the existence of Sonic Colors Ultimate, the remaster of the platform dated 2010. The game is scheduled for release next time 7 of September, at the budget price of 40 dollars, ed i preorder are already open for anyone wishing to book it in advance, so as to also receive a keychain with Baby Sonic as a bonus.

Sonic Colors Ultimate announced by SEGA

The game will see, once again, Sonic e Tails venture inside theIncredible Interstellar Amusement Park di Eggman, a structure that extends along numerous planets. The duo will have to launch into the rescue of the Wisps, which they will be able to provide new power ups for Sonic, to be used within the various levels. The Yellow wisp, for example, will be able to turn the blue hedgehog into an auger, capable of drilling into the ground, while the cyan will turn it into a bouncy laser.

Originally released for the Wii and Nintendo DS, the game was praised primarily for its aesthetics and visual presentation, as well as its fun platforming component. The remaster in question will be distributed in versions Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Epic Games Store), in the standard and deluxe versions. The latter is offered at the price of 45 dollars and will include early access to the game, exclusive music, gold and silver costumes, a Sonic Movie Boost and exclusive player icons.

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