Waze takes us back to the magnificent 70s, 80s and 90s

Mettersi alla guida e ritrovarsi negli anni '70, '80 e '90: non è la macchina del tempo, è Waze thumbnail

Thanks to Waze it is now possible to step back in time and relive the atmosphere of the 70s / 80s / 90s while driving.

Nostalgia and memories: Waze takes us back through the years

Thanks to the new implementations, Waze allows us to travel virtually in time. These are new themes inspired by the iconic 70s, 80s and 90s for a driving experience that defining Retro would be limiting. In short, a real time machine – in every sense – that will delight the nostalgics who grew up in those years, but also the young people fascinated by these thirty years. The app allows, for a limited period, to change your Mood, customize thecar icon and let yourself be guided by new navigation items. The new “moods” are three:

  • Trends: dedicated to lava lamp representing the 70s stereo portable
  • A ball!: takes up the iconic boombox, the portable stereo symbol of the 80s
  • Al top: the classic desktop of the PCtakes us back to the 90s.

To set the new Mood just select “My Waze”, click on your username, open the “Moods” section. The new update also allows us to choose a vehicle that will replace the standard car icon. Again we will have three options:

  • Hippie Van: Woodstock has just finished and the 70s have opened the doors to the hippie movement, put some flowers in our Waze!
  • Red Fireball: aggressive and tacky as only the 80s knew how to be, without shame or pity, the red racing car goes perfectly with the disco ball.
  • SUV4EVA: two places, like the Gallagher brothers.

Retro Fashion Waze 2

Again, to choose the vehicle icon, just click “My Waze”, open the “Settings”, select “Map view” and “Car icon”. Finally, always starting today, to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere will be possible on Waze customize the voice too with an eccentric DJ 70s, a aerobics coach of the 80s and one pop star 1990s (only available in English, French and Portuguese). Have a good time travel!