Sonic Frontiers: Presentations and dubbing and subtitle languages

Presented the languages ​​that will be supported and present in Sonic Frontiers, both in terms of voiceovers and subtitles. Let’s go and discover them together in this dedicated news

Sonic Frontiers was presented, after a previous announcement during which, however, the official title was not presented, during the last The Game Awards 2021 (click here to discover all the titles rewarded during the event) complete with an exit window: a vague “hooliday 2022“. The title will be an open world and will involve the most famous hedgehog in the world in an interesting and engaging adventure. Adventure that will be told, however, in several languages. A few moments ago, in fact, SEGA announced the languages (both dubbing and subtitles) in which it will be available Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers: even Italian among the available languages!

A few moments ago, as mentioned above, SEGA presented, via a post on Twitter, the languages ​​in which Sonic Frontiers will be available and among these, fortunately for us inhabitants of the peninsula, Italian will also be present. In the tweet a small difference is made between what will be the languages ​​of the dubbing and what will be, instead, the languages ​​in which the subtitles will be available. Let’s find out all the languages ​​together by going to see the twitter of the same Japanese company:

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. These are the languages ​​of the dubbing while instead, as regards the subtitles we will have these languages ​​available: Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Of course, the languages ​​in which dubbing will be available they will also support subtitles while, the languages ​​that appear under “subtitled language” in this tweet will be exclusively dedicated to subtitles. We look forward to further news relating to this title which, we remind you, will be released for all platforms by the end of 2022 (except for postponements).

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