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Sonic Frontiers: the hour numbers

One of the most anticipated titles of November was certainly Sonic Frontiers, but let’s see how the new adventure of the mythical blue hedgehog is behaving

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about this game, maybe too much at times, but then it was inevitable. Sonic Frontiers was therefore released on November 8th, about a week ago, but what numbers have you made so far? Did they meet expectations? Let’s go and find out together!

Sonic Frontiers: A Success at the Beginning?

After countless anticipations and ruminations Sonic Frontiers is finally out on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC e Nintendo Switch November 8, finally calming the spirits of the most impatient gamers. Could it be called a success?

Although it has not made the hoped-for boom, or perhaps not yet, the game seems to have received a lot of praise for the moment especially from the most uncompromising fans of the blue hedgehog of the SEGA. According to the findings of SteamDB this title registered more than 19,000 players at launch that beat the previous Mania, 2017 side-scrolling 2D platformer, which had instead touched the 12,000 players.

Obviously there was no lack of criticismsespecially with regard to his turn on the Nintendo Switch in comparison to the Xbox, but it seems that we are still faced with a all in all quite solid launch. It should not be forgotten that we are still at the beginning of the thing so we wait to see how the sales of the title will behave in these months.

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