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Sony: Has the giant acquired Ballistic Moon?

Various information has been leaked on the net that would suggest that Sony has acquired the Ballistic Moon studio

Having acquired software houses of the caliber of Bungie, Housemarque, Bluepoint Games and Firesprite (among others) in recent years, Sony has significantly expanded its already impressive arsenal of games first party and the company is expected to continue investing on this front in the near future, such as the study Ballistic Moon.

Sony: Ballistic Moon is referred to as Sony property in a job posting

Another acquisition may have already been made, not yet officially announced. As noted Colin Moriarty by Last Stand Media, the new British studio Ballistic Moon is listed as owned by the Japanese giant by PitchBook.com, a financial data and software company with offices around the world. The Ballistic Moon page on the PitchBook website lists its status as “acquired/merged“, with Sony listed as the parent company.

Interestingly, Sony itself has also provided indications suggesting that Ballistic Moon may have actually been received under the auspices of the PlayStation Studios. The giant recently published a job advertisement for the position of Senior Dialogue Designer at PlayStation, specifying that the candidate would be working with a number of Sony first party studiosincluding its own Ballistic Moon.

The job posting was later updated to remove mention of the studio, but a pre-edited version can still be viewed. Ballistic Moon was founded in 2019 and is made up of former employees of several major studios including Supermassive Games, Quantic Dream, Guerrilla, Square Enix and other. According to some rumors, the software house in question is working on an exclusive title for PlayStation with the code name of Project Bates; probably a survival horror made with Guerrilla’s Decima Engine.

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