Sony HT-S40R: a wireless home cinema system

Sony HT-S40R: a wireless home cinema system

Sony HT-S40R offers a surround sound system to immerse you in your favorite movies, all easily thanks to the wireless design. Its audio quality also allows you to enjoy great music

Sony presents HT-S40R, a new high-performance audio system, capable of transforming the living room into a real movie theater. With 600W of true 5.1ch surround sound and wireless rear speakers, movies literally come to life.

Sony HT-S40R: a wireless home cinema system

Sony HT-S40R: sensational sound

This combination of soundbar, subwoofer and wireless rear speakers is specially designed for those looking for a thrilling surround experience, made of dynamic sounds that fill the room. The HT-S40R system emits 600 W of total power and harnesses the benefits of authentic 5.1-channel surround sound and Dolby Audio technology to bring viewers directly to the center of the action. From the new TV series to the great classics, the elements of the system return every detail, producing an extremely realistic effect.

Sony HT-S40R: space only for sounds

With the HT-S40R, you can set up your Home Theater System as you like and with very few cables. The rear speakers are powered by a wireless amplifier, so there is no need for wired connections: obtaining cinematic sounds is very simple and space-proof. And to further reduce the presence of cables in the living room, Sony BRAVIA TVs that support wireless connection can send audio directly to the home theater system. Movies, however, are not the only specialty of the HT-S40R: the system is also ideal for listening to music, either by streaming it from smartphones via the Bluetooth connection, or by connecting devices to the USB port.

Sony HT-S40R: a wireless home cinema system

Sony HT-S40R: attractive aesthetics

Design is one of the strong points of the HT-S40R. The slim and compact soundbar, discreet subwoofer and rear wireless speakers make up a system that fits perfectly with BRAVIA TVs and all living rooms. Furthermore, the soundbar and the rear speakers can also be mounted on the wall, blending in with the environment, while the wireless amplifier finds space anywhere, on the wall or placed on the shelf of a bookcase.

Sony HT-S40R: ready for action

The HT-S40R system is ready to work right out of the box: all you have to do is connect the rear speakers to the wireless amplifier and the soundbar to the subwoofer, using the supplied cables. Once the subwoofer is also connected to the TV, all that remains is to sit back and enjoy 5.1 channels of true surround sound. The inputs are of type HDMI ARC, optical and analog.

Sony HT-S40R: optional audio settings

The speaker system provides 4 sound modes (Cinema, Music, Standard and Auto Sound) to choose according to the content you are watching or listening to. To further refine the viewing experience, you can also insert the Night and Voice modes and adjust the subwoofer volume.

Sony HT-S40R: a wireless home cinema system


HT-S40R will be available from May 2021. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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