The technology and the world of cutting-edge watches

The technology and the world of cutting-edge watches

Do you want to surprise your partner on their birthday or give a precious gift to a loved one? Give an avant-garde watch

New technologies now accompany us in every area and every moment of our life: just look around – at home, in the office or simply walking down the street – to see a huge number of people with their heads down on their mobile phones and to realize that practically we can no longer live without technological devices. Obviously this evolution has become and is becoming day by day more and more present and above all important, there is no sector, work or private, that is not invested, some to a greater extent and others to a lesser extent, by this revolution. By now, no one would think of leaving the house without their smartphone, not only to be able to call (the function for which mobile phones were originally born), but also to be permanently connected, to be able to chat, to have the navigator that allows you to reach our destinations, to check on the web the reviews of the restaurant where we want to have lunch or dinner. The possibilities are endless.

Technology is not just about smartphones

This huge series of technological innovations obviously leads us to think, first of all, of smartphones, tablets and mobile technology that allows us to be connected with the whole world in real time. But technology is much more complex than that, and the things it allows us to do are infinite (or almost), to the point that sometimes we feel like we are living in one of those films from a couple of decades ago, which in our eyes seemed only science fiction, and today they are concrete realities. They range from the most surprising novelties and the most sophisticated equipment to those relating to everyday objects, which have existed for many years, but which now they have amazing features. Today, for example, we will deal with watches, instruments created simply to measure time and which today have a series of extraordinary functions, with extremely advanced technologies and materials.

The Casio G-Shock

Do you want to surprise your partner on their birthday or give a precious gift to a loved one? Give a G-Shock watch as a gift, and you will see amazing reactions on the face of the person who is opening the package! G-Shock is a watch characterized by enormous resistance and a large case, elegant and sporty at the same time, with a Carbon Core Guard structure, covered with a layer of carbon fiber to give strength and lightness to the watch. The strap is in resistant and flexible black resin, there is also solar recharge with accumulator, we have the ability to view up to 29 time zones and use a stopwatch with an accuracy of one thousandth of a second, as well as a countdown timer and the ability to program up to 5 daily alarms. But the most surprising technology is given by the Bluetooth function, which allows us to connect the smartphone with the G-Shock app. This technology is compatible with both iOS 10 or higher and with Android technology, from 6.0 onwards. It is a diving watch that is water resistant to a depth of 200 meters.

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