Sony: less priority to smaller projects in favor of triple A

Sony: less priority to smaller projects in favor of triple A

Triple A has become Sony’s new great friend, but at the expense of indies and less ambitious projects: a Bloomberg report reveals

Sad to say, but a Bloomberg report hints at a change of direction regarding the output of Sony Interactive Entertainment: after making a name for itself for supporting smaller developers, the leadership of the Japanese giant is now more in favor of triple A. We allude, therefore, to the most ambitious titles in terms of production values ​​and mass appeal, such as The Last of Us: Part II. Two news items in particular, in these last hours, show very well in which direction the balance of the “Big S” leans, and does not favor the indie scene.

Sony and the triple A in the indie scene’s cry for help

The two news items we alluded to, not surprisingly, concern both the “triple A” aspect of Sony and its ancient glories with an underground flavor. On the one hand, in fact, we have the Bloomberg report on the development of a remake of The Last of Us, in the pipeline at Naughty Dog for PS5. On the other hand, however, we find the minor studio Sony Bend, which long ago declared that it feared an absorption and which tried, but unsuccessfully, to offer the oriental console manufacturer a follow-up for a niche title such as Days Gone. Two sides of the same coin, which in future launches seems already predisposed to always give heads.

All this, however, does not lack precedents. To begin, the well-known Japan Studio (Demon’s Souls) is in the sights of the Japanese giant for a refurbishment, and in the process many have already abandoned ship. From this same metaphorical sailing ship we found small pearls – “small” purely in their target – such as Bloodborne, Gravity Rush and Everybody’s Golf. In all this, the smaller branches have already been informed in the air change – Sony explicitly mentioned their own lack of interest towards niche stocks as far as the first parts are concerned.

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