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Sony PlayStation expands on the mobile market: acquired Savage Game Studios

In the past few hours, Sony PlayStation has officially announced the acquisition of Savage Game Studios, confirming its willingness to expand also in the mobile market

Although Microsoft has made a splash in recent years, in terms of acquisitions (remember Zenimax and Activision, for example), Sony PlayStation has also been busy, but with decidedly different aims than its American counterpart. If, for example, it was acquired at the time Nixxes Software for a greater desire to bring their exclusive exclusives also to the PC market (such as Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn and the most recent Marvel’s Spider-Man), in the past few hours the company spokespersons have confirmed a new collaboration under the aegis of PlayStation. And, of course, we are talking about the mobile market.

The company would in fact have acquired a studio, Savage Game Studios, nborn in 2020 by the hand of Michail Katkoff and particularly talented, with two offices, one in Finland in Helsinki and one in Germany, in Berlin. The main fear of many was obviously concerning a future change of direction for the company, which has always been devoted to single-player games, rather than live services. From the official blog, however, the Sony spokesperson reassures:

As we reassured you earlier, when we started bringing a selection of titles to PC, our projects outside the console world will in no way diminish our commitment to the PlayStation community, nor will our passion for it. create exciting, narrative-based single-player experiences. […] Our efforts in the mobile gaming market will likewise be an addition and will allow people to have even more ways to entertain with our content, aiming to reach even more audiences still unknown to the world of PlayStation and our games. Savage Game Studios joins our new PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, which will work collaterally on our console development and will focus on creating innovative and more fleeting experiences based on our historical or new IPs.

Sony presents Savage Game Studios and confirms its willingness to look elsewhere, as well as consoles

Michail Katkoff, CEO and Co-founder of Savage Game Studios, instead commented, introducing himself:

Born in 2020 and led by me and my Co-founders Nadjim Adjir and Michael McManus, Savage Game Studios began its journey with our many years of experience in developing mobile games, as well as several successful IPs on global soil. Our guiding vision refers to a creative space where experimentation and risk taking were not avoided and, indeed, sought after. We have all worked with great studios and, although we like to have ample resources, we wanted to stay on our ground to take our satisfactions and fire our cartridges. So why join PlayStation Studios? Simply because we believe that PlayStation Studios’ leadership respects and reflects our vision of how to work best to be successful, and also because they are not afraid to take risky attempts. […] The even more difficult question to answer would therefore be, “why not?”.

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